December 2023 chemo starters

Glad you are starting to feel better now. What are you moving on to after EC?
I started Docetaxel and Phesgo last week and it hit me quite hard for a few days. Whereas EC gave me constipation this one gave me severe diahorrea and I felt wiped out. It’s eased off a bit but my stomach isn’t happy.
I’ve got a scan tomorrow so they can see how the lump is responding to the chemo. I don’t think they’ll tell me anything tomorrow but for some reason I’m really anxious. I think it just reminded me whats happening. Not like you forget but you get focussed on getting through chemo and this has just made me think about if its working or not and then I’m back to waiting for an update. I think because I’ve not been feeling the best it’s made me feel more emotional.
Hope the rest of you are doing okay xx

Hello- thank you for asking how we all are. I’ve developed an infection and spent 3 hours yesterday in the rapid response unit - they were very thorough - bloods checked, urine, ECG, chest xray - it appears I have a cough and cold - which I really unusual for me because over the last 50 years any cold I’ve had ha lasted less then 6 hours even though they have floored my husband and daughter. Must have a good immune system. They said my white cells were able to cope at the moment. I’m feeling better today but I think that’s to do with better sleep and less anxiety. I have to say having the emergency response card made me more anxious than I thought. Were all your EC oses the same or do they increase each time. Must ask. Take care,

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hello clay83. Hope you don’t mind me jumping in. I’m 1 week post EC 1/3 and I notice you are going on to Docetaxol and Phesgo - the same regime as me. I have a HER2+ EPneg tumour and there seem to be so many treatment plans that it’s confusing. Anyway I hope your treatments are successful and would be really interested to know how you progress through - this minefield. wishing you well.x

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Hello, I am also starting 4 Docetaxel and Phesgo next week after 3 EC. Useful to know that this can give diarrhoea rather than constipation, as I have been taking prunes, prune juice and soaked linseed before EC doses after bad constipation the first time. I’ll give it a miss this time :sweat_smile:!
Otherwise I have been lucky and had very mild side effects so far, :crossed_fingers: the next cocktail goes well too. Hugs to all :heart:


@clay83 it sounds like you’re having neo adjuvant chemo.
I will be starting docetaxel x 3. EC has been the same dose for all 3. I have already been warned by onc to expect diarrhea rather than constipation, which I have just managed without extra help. I’ve made sure to drink lots of water which helps. I must admit I really struggled for a couple of days with the thought that I don’t know if I can do this another 3 times with a new unknown drug.
I’m just drinking my 1st coffee since last dose, which still tastes a bit off. Tried a hot x bun which was quite nice. Starting to make plans for next 2 weeks to catch up with friends.
Keep it going ladies! X


Hi @pinklizzie1,
Yes sounds like we are having the same treatment. I’m HER2+ & ER- too. I coped okay with EC apart from constipation and Doc & Phesgo I’ve only had 1 but it was severe diarrhoea for around 4 days. I didn’t take anything for this but im going to ask them what is best so I’m prepared. Had a couple of nose bleeds too which was new but they said that is a normal side effect. I’m feeling a lot more normal now so hopefully thats the worst of it for now.

I had my mid-point ultrasound scan yesterday and they said my lump has reduced by 2/3rds!! Was so pleased. Thats after 3 EC treatments & 1 of 4 Docetaxel and Phesgo so the treatment seems to be working. It was a good reminder to me that the tough times in chemo are hopefully worth it.

We can do this!! Xx

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Yes @coral1 definitely lay off the prunes for this next one!! :smile:

Yes it’s neo adjuvant chemo so it’ll be surgery for me next after chemo. Hopefully a lumpectomy if they are happy with how my lump has responded. The fact it’s reduced means we are going in the right direction.

I felt the same before starting the new drug. Its the unkown. My consultant said Docetaxel is less toxic than EC so hopefully we’ve done the hard one first!

Enjoy the coffee and catch ups. We definitely need to enjoy those times of feeling more normal when we can xx

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Wow, what good news - reduced by 2/3 - I’m stunned. I’m currently scheduled for 3 x Docetaxel and Phesgo before I have my next MRI scan. My tumour didn’t show up on the mammogram and was difficult to see on the USS hence repeat MRI. I keep telling myself that I might be feeling a bit grim but those cancer cells are being blasted out of existence so a small price to pay. Fingers crossed for you that your tumour continues to shrink and you manage the side effects comfortably. x

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@clay83 I am also having neoadjuvant chemo, but different regime TCHP (which includes docetaxel and Phesgo also). I was given Loperamide (Immodium) for diarrhoea, but didn’t need it as was more constipated. Funny how it affects us all so differently.

Great news about your scan, it makes it all worthwhile.

Keep on going. We can do this x

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Morning all, insomnia in the house again, it’s driving me nuts….ivr always been such a good sleeper as well, napping when I can now……

Round 3 of TCHP last week, also got a significantly smaller tumour which is what we all want to hear right?!

How are you all doing? I’m glad Jan is out of the way and the days getting longer……still managing to work which for me is such a blessing, keeps my mind occupied.

Here’s to a good week for all of us xxxx

Well, there seems to be no way to tell how we’re going to react :sweat_smile:. I got same constipation problems with Docetaxel as with EC, so I’m back on the prunes :upside_down_face:! Sure it’s due to the meds, not the chemo, but they’re finished now on day 3, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon :blush:.

That’s good to know. My 3 EC gave me botty block for a week, which I managed with drinking lots of water, and only water because everything else tasted foul. Onc told me to expect diarrhea when I start docetaxel next Friday, so who knows.
Do you have to do the filgrastim injections after docetaxel? Pleeeeeaaaase say that you don’t! All 3 doses of EC I was knocked out about 10 hours after first injection. I changed the time of day to confirm that was doing it.
Onc also told me that I may lose finger/toe nails, so I had a friend give me a proper short nail cut and shape and put clear nail hardener on them. They’ve never looked so good. Only time I’ve had a proper manicure was about 30 years ago.

Yes, filgrastim injections just the same, sorry!

Darn it! Oh well, 3 more times wiped out on the sofa for 48 hours. All for a good cause x

I went for my usual French manicure yesterday and discussed black nail polish which a lot of people suggest you use with Docetaxol to reduce nail problems. I also did a look good, feel better nail class via zoom (a first for me!) which was very informative. My hair started falling out yesterday and to my amazement most of my chin hairs just brushed off or with a minimal tug with fingers so hardly any wax was needed. My eyebrows look like 1990s thin lines so I think I might enrol in the LGFB make-up course. I generally only use mascara, can’t cope with all the other clart personally. Wig fitting this morning - most wigs were either old lady grey (I’m only 73 so not anywhere near ready for that), dirty blonde or dark browns. Have opted for real hair blonde wig which I can dye shades of ginger to mimic my own colour. Having said all that I’m feeling very exhausted as this cough and cold has been with me for 9 days, not getting worse but not better. I am worried that it might affect my planned second EC on Thursday. Do I have to be blow and cough free to have the treatment? I’m keen to get on with it and fortunately I love prunes!!! Sending everyone positive vibes for for minimal down-time for you all. xx

Hi all, Just had my 2nd dose of Docetaxel & Phesgo yesterday, thats 2 of 4 now. Im feeling okay so far. I told my oncologist about the severe diarrhoea I had after the first lot which lasted 4/5 days and floored me. She’s not sure it was the chemo treatment because it happened 4 days after and she said it was likely to 1-2 days after. I had a takeaway the Friday night when it started to she thinks it might have been a stomach bug. Who knows, but im hoping it was a stomach bug and we’ll see soon with what happens now I’ve just had the next round. That was the worst I’ve felt so hopefully it won’t happen again at least at that severity.
I’m still cold capping and I’ve kept my hair, although very thin, after 3 ECs and 1 of Doce & Phesgo. I never had clumps coming out but its been shedding and I got the most out after 2nd EC dose. I’m hoping I don’t have another big shed after this 2nd lot of the new drug cause I’m already thin on top and have to wear it up to hide the patches. I bought a wig just in case so thats an option if need be.
Hope the rest of you are doing okay xx

I had my pre treatment assessment yesterday with onc. I told him about my reaction to the filgrastim, knocking me out for 48 hours. He is prescribing somerhing slightly different for the docetaxel. Fingers crossed x

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Have had a bit of a rough time since my last TCHP. Nausea and vomiting has been an issue all along, however this time, despite them throwing all the drugs at it, I ended up in hospital with an acute kidney injury due to vomiting and not being able to keep anything down (not even water).

I’m now 2 weeks post my last chemo but still feeling poorly. I am now at the point where I’m not sure if I can carry on. Desperately need to talk to my oncologist now.

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I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad time. How many more have you got to go? I felt the worst after my 3rd and final EC but nothing like you are. My onc told me that the docetaxel I will be starting tomorrow shouldn’t hit me as hard, and swapping the filgrastim should make it easier for me. We will see.
I hope that they can tweak your meds to make you more comfortable for the next time x