December Angels 2013

This is my first post. I was diagnosed with bc on the 12th September. Mc on the 4th October with recon implant. Two tumours grade 1 24mm grade 2 11mm er positive her negative one lymph node positive . Seen oncologist yesterday recommended chemo radio hormone treatment. He told me that the implant has a 25% chance of going hard with radio and may have to have it out!. Feeling scared and confused.
Has anyone had implant and radio treatment?

Hi Jacquiemac

Welcome to the BCC forum where I’m sure you will find a lot of support from fellow members.  You might find it helpful to have a look at (or post in ) the Radiotherapy threads in the “Going through treatment” section.

You could also talk things over with one of our helpline staff.  They can offer information and support.  The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes


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Hi Jacquiemac, sorry that you have found yourself qualified to be here. I am in the September thread and have found chatting to others going through this horrible journey an absolute life saver, they stopped me falling into that big black hole of depression, we have a right old giggle.
I’m sure you will have (sadly) more members joining up soon to keep you company on your journey but in the meantime if you need any advice or a friendly ear you’re always welcome to ask the September Stars or any of the other threads.
I had a temporary implant as it was uncertain at the time whether I would need rads, fortunately I have since been told I don’t need them so can’t answer your query.

Hi Nikki thank you. It’s great to talk with other ladies on the forum.
Do you know how I get onto a monthly chemo thread? I think I will start end of November or first week of December ? Thanks jac

Hi again

Here is the link to the November chemo thread:

If you post on the thread I’m sure other members will soon be along to welcome you.

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Hi Jac, I have my oncologist appointment tomorrow but think I will be joining you in the December chemo group. I also need rads and are concerned as I had a bmx with immediate recon - implant and strattice. I did ask a question under the radiotherapy heading but I’ve not had much response. Like you I’m concerned that the rads will damage the lovely job my oncoplastic surgeon has done. Let’s hope we’re not in the 25%. Best wishes Tracy XXX

Hi Tracy
I am six weeks post surgery tomorrow and I am really pleased with my implant too. I am seeing another oc on Monday to see if I can participate in a Clinical trial, so I will ask the question again. I wii let u know what he says .

Hi, Thanks for starting the thread! I was also diagnosed at beginning September, with 2 lumps, 2cm and 3cm, IDC Grade2, ER+, HER-. All a bit of a shocker! I was going to have immediate reconstruction with mastectomy, using strattice as well, but I could only have that if I had SLNB first to check that lymph nodes were clear. Had this on October 4th, found out a week later it was cancerous, so immediate recon was no longer an option as was then def having radiotherapy. So I am sorry I can’t actually answer your question! My reconstruction won’t happen until I have finished all treatment. I guess all hospitals have different protocols to follow…
Had mastectomy and ANC on 1st November and found out on Tuesday that I had a total of 5/12 lymph nodes cancerous. I had a bone scan today and my Pre chemo assessment. All went ok. Find out results next week. MRI scan to follow soon. Chemo to start 4th December…6 cycles FEC-T (3 and 3 split). Having a PICC line inserted on 3rd…anybody else going to have this?
Anyway will be nice to have you lovely ladies to share experience with…not that I would wish this on anyone.
A x

Hi I new to this site, what is a SLNB? When I was diagnosed they said my lymph nodes looked clear. I had sentinel node biopsy and first node was positive. All other six were clear.
I have been offered 6x fec-t, radio and hormone treatment.
I originally went about a lump I found on holiday which turned out to be nothing! The two tumours wud never have been detected only by screen detection,

Yes I didn’t realised everyone used different names! Just shows how new I am to this site!

Hey everyone wot about December stars? Or December angels , December festive fighters? Any ideas?

Hi, been watching the October & November threads but now I have my chemo start date, I’m taking the plunge with my first post.

I was diagnosed in August but postponed my mastectomy because 20 of us were going to Spain for my 50th birthday in September. My surgeon then fell ill & my op was postponed 'till 11th October.

I have IDC grade 3 with multiple tumors, the largest being 30mm. Extensive lymph-vascular permeation & 12 out of 16 lymph nodes had it. I’m ER and PR positive but HER2 negative.

My chemo starts 2/12/13 and I will be having the FEC-T but have opted to forgo the cold cap. The idea of "brain freeze’ doesn’t appeal to me at all if there’s a possibility the hair might fall out anyway.

I have a lot of supportive people around me and a lot of good wishes but it’s nice to be in touch with people going through similar things.

I vote for “December Angels”

Hi welcome and glad to hear you have loads of supportive friends it really means a lot. It sure will be a different Xmas for all us ladies but I know we cAn get thru this together .

I’m unsure about the cold cap & highly suspect that it either won’t work or that I won’t be able to tolerate it, but I’m going to try. I know it may seem strange to put myself through it as total hair loss is expected, but we will see.

Hugs to everyone xxx

Hi Nikki

I was told about the trial at my first oc appointment. I have an appointment tomorrow with a professor to find out more. I will post an update after I know more. The trial is called optima.
Regarding group name it looks so far as DEcenber Angels is the most popular… I don’t know how we get the group thread changed to this.

Hi everyone

Went to see oc professor today about optima trial. My head is spinning. With data. If I decide to go on the trail my cancer gets sent to America to be analysed for 21 genes. 50% it may come back with recommendation for chemo, radio and hormone treatment. 50% just hormone treatment. I am not sure what to do. If I don’t go on the trial and choose to have my treatment at this trust it’s 8 fec_t treatments which is two more than offered at other hospital. The statistics from the American adjuvant website by having chemo long term were better. I have to go back on Wednesday to make a decision.

Hi sweets,
I’m from the October optimists, and have had 3cycles so far using the cold cap.
It has worked really well for me so far, probably lost about 25%, so can still go out without my wig.
As long as you can tolerate it for the first 15 mins, you will be fine. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, the chemo or the cold cap. Just make sure if you do use it, to make sure it fits really good.
Best wishes all, on your journey xx

Hi Teffy & thanks for letting me know your experiences with the cold cap x

How’s everyone doing today? I’m up & down from hour to the next. Such fluctuations in how I feel about what’s to come. I guess it’s the not knowing until it happens. Hugs to all x

Hi ladies

Last couple of days have been stressful. I have decided to go for chemo, radio and hormone treatment and not go on the trial as I have spoken with other bc ladies who have been through it and am going to try everything. Just deciding wot trust as one is saying 6 treatments and the other saying 8 treatments. Jacx

Never give up. Stay positive, believe and have faith.