decided on strattice ...any comments

Hoping I’ve made the right decision. …can’t face the diep and read good comments about strattice…either way is not right or wrong though

Glad you’ve managed to decide, I don’t think you’ll regret it, the recovery should be much quicker than with the Diep. Remembering how awkward it was to push yourself up with only your good side after the op, it would have been so much harder if my abs had been out of action too! I opted for the teardrop shaped implant and it is just beginning to drop a little now (after 6months). I had DCIS so couldn’t keep the actual nipple but he saved the areola which looks almost like a normal nipple. When is your op? Good luck! Xx

Hi Kiki. …that’s interesting…I might ask about the are okay as that’s not been offered…where is yr scar?