Deciding double after radttion brac2 hormone blockers are aweful

Hi I was diagnosed with DCIS in my left breast last year. I was 47 when I found out. Here I am now cancer free but what I thought was an easy prognosis turn out to be a lot more. First diagnosis knowing it was earlier catch I decide to do lumpectomy even after finding out I had BRCA gene 2. For me at the time I thought was the safest I have had many other surgeries in my life some major some minor however but always had trouble waking up and one they lost me twice. So doing a long surgery honestly scared me thought I would have better chance fighting and dealing with everything over a lifetime. But it was not so easy two breast surgeries 33 radiation treatments and hormone blockers that make me sick and hurt all the time. Now that I am cancer free for now I feel like I live my life in fear every three months with the hematology every three months with dermatologist to deal with my skin cancer I had the same time as my breast cancer mamograms and MRI one or other every 6 months always worried it has came back and worse. I am making my next step to see a plastic surgeon about double mastectomy and reconstruction on July 5 still scared lots of decisions . I am also a diabetic so health issues but if anybody can tell me their thoughts and experiences it would help me knowing as much as I can to make the best decisions taking everything in account thanks for any advice



I was offered a DIEP with a reduction on the other side as they could only make me a boob 6 cup sizes smaller than I am now. I hated the idea of going through such a long, difficult surgery - not really knowing what I was going to find on the other side. One consultant said this was the best choice for me. Another started to put me off. I was scheduled to go to another county to a hospital that was so impressive and a surgeon that is reveared by his peers and it was diffilcult not to go along with it. I have a young child and was very concerned about how the 7 days in hospital followed by a long recovery would also affect him.


Anyway, one of my lymph nodes has disease in it. I do need chemo. So I have opted to have a double mastectomy with implants, a one night stay in hospital with a much speedier recovery so I can start treatment and hopefully be around for my child growing up. (I know this one also has risks).


So I completely understand your fear of major suregery- my surgeon laughed at me for having my will with me when I had the lymph node out but any aneasthetic is a risk isn’t it? I have not been tested for the BRCA gene and I was originally very uncomfortable with having a healthy breast removed. But I feel I have made the right choice for my own sanity. I would hate to go through this again, I was so scared it had spread too far and that was it! I have my surgery a week today.


I also had a lymphoma 20 years ago & I ruled out having a 2nd cancer (1 in 3 people right). Now I am protecting myself against a 3rd cancer (i’m not feeling too lucky). I’m sorry I can’t be more help. I have to have a mastectomy anyway but I feel a double is worth it. I can let you know how it goes afterwards?


I also have a friend was was prepared for the BRCA gene - she was 41 when diagnosed and her sister died at 35 from Breast cancer. She tested negative but also opted to go ahead with a double. A year on she has no regrets and is happy with the outcome.


It’s a toughy. I wish you all the luck in the world coming to a decision. Making mine was absolute torture but I got there in the end. People say go with your gut instinct but I couldn’t recognise mine.


Take care