decision made

Hi all

I have finally and after a lot of soul searching decided not to go ahead with the operation, the op itself is too risky for me, and I really do not want to have a 10 hour op with all the associated problems.

I do still have a small doubt and that is will I always be left wondering “what if” but I suppose I will have to live that.

I think for me this is the best decision, I see the onc tomorrow and will tell him of my choice I think he will be relieved as I know he was never keen on me having surgery, hopefully we can get chemo sorted ASAP, I will have to have another port put back in, not sure if he will want this wound to be completely healed I guess it will, but we are almost there with it.

I guess there is still time to change my mind, but this has been the hardest decision I have ever had to make, so I hope it is is the right one

Linda x

been thinking of you linda, thank you for posting
for what it’s worth i think you’ve made the right decision…surgery would be very difficult & still might not have the right outcome…i know when my surgeon told me if they hadn’t got clear margins the 2nd time, that the next step would be skin graft etc i immediately thought no!! (& spoke to doc SIL who agreed) plus as a nurse you really do understand the implications of major surgery
so hoping your appointment goes as well as possible & arrangements for chemo soon under way
i’m having 8/25 rad today - so far all well - compared to surgery or chemo no prob for me!!
love and gentle hugs

Good luck Linda,only you can decide and if your happy with the decision you have made then its the right one,good luck with the chemo.

Good luck Linda Sure it will be right for you. I can’t even decide what to have for dinner so I am sure I would be a wreck thinking that one through. !

Wendy x x