Decision to stop chemotherapy

Hi All


I had a mastectomy in Jan and oncotype score of 20, recommended four chemo sessions as belt and braces. I have finished my third sessions, having had sepsis and severe side effects each time. My mental state of mind is really suffering now and it’s taking me almost 2 half weeks to recover from each cycle and I’ve lost so much weight. I am considering not to have the 4 sessions as I feel like I won’t be able to get through it. Has anyone else felt this way?

Hi Loulinen


I’m really sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time with your chemo regime. I have only had one cycle so far which has been ok so can’t answer your question but have you spoken to your oncologist or chemo nurse about how you are feeling? they may have some solutions for you. There have been some people on here who have stopped their treatment for the reasons you have given. It’s a very personal decision which only you can make - take into account what your recurrence risk is, would it make much of a difference if you did stop?, your oncologist should be able to discuss this with you. What about talking to your GP, if you have one you can talk to, or a nurse at the practice, it’s obviously making you feel very ill and down and I hope there will be more ladies who come along soon to support you. 


I wish you all the best in whatever decision you decide is best for you.


Joemic x 

Hi Loulinen, I’m very sorry you are suffering so much. I think it is a very personal decision, and only you know what your body can, and cannot do. I was scheduled for 6 EC, then 4 Docitaxol. However, as I didn’t tolerate my chemo well my Onco made the decision for me. My treatment was stopped after 4 sessions of EC, and I never did get onto Docitaxol. I was initially extremely upset, but my Onco wanted me to be safe, and I appreciate that. I’m very surprised that your Onco would allow you to continue as you sound as if you have been through the mill. I would suggest a discussion with him/ her, using the term ‘is this safe for me?’. Also check wether you can have a reduced dose. Wishing you all the best. X