Its been a complete whirlwind had double lumpectomy and 6/8 glands removed from sides in a matter of a few weeks fro being diagnoised… The cancer side is completely clear but the twist is they couldnt take enough from the pre cancer side! Have seen several consultants and have now decided not to try for another lumpectomy but instead go for a double masectomy and possibly same time reconstruction… any one know how long this op is with implants? complications? do it straight away or is it best to wait? I know its radical but I really cannot take time out having op after op and worrying if I only had one side done as I have disabled son. Does anyone feel the same? Trying to keep smiling but decision making is doing my head in

Hi Meggiemay,
have you looked on the category - undergoing treatment surgery, there may be some useful info there. I may decide to go for a bi lateral mx but probably wont go for recon ever for lots of reasons but that is me. I want to get this all over with, get back to work all in one go and get better. am sure someone will pop in soon who has had the op and can answer from a better perspective (there is also a reconstructive surgery category have you seen that).

good luck with your choice and getting well again,
Chris x

Thanks have looked…why wont you get the reconstruction would be interested to know as I have yet to find out pro and cons - getting back to normal is like a dream isnt it- I cant wait for it either and desperately want to get on with it now
all the best

May go for bi lat. mx even tho only 1 boob affected so far for several different reasons. Firstly I have read lots on this site that has put me off, from skin healing probs, expander moving probs, pains, bad healing, greater risk of infections, back pains (from where they take the flesh for recon (or stomache), I feel it may be quicker to notice if bc has reoccured without recon (my opinion only) and on it goes.Im 51 and like some other women on here I think I will be ok with just being me. No more major surgery and therefore sooner mended. Perhaps Im just being a coward, I dont think so tho, just want to get back to the land of the living with as few probs as poss. Needless to say its a very individual choice, no rights or wrongs.

take care
Chris x

I am like you my cancer boob is completely clear but with everything that I have been told and more so the worry of it coming back in that one…i think I would preferre a bi lat mx…I am a worrier and I think that this is the only way I can keep positive over my future health. It is pretty radical but I also cannot afford time out with my disabled son too often so having op after op isnt really an option. It is now deciding whether immediate or delayed reconstruction- when ever u get your questions answered it always seems to open 50 more questions. You should not say your a coward- in this situation none of us are! we have our own decisions to make with our bodies and lives and whatever u decide is a personnal choice
big hugs