decisions, desisions!

Well it’s back to see the surgeon  tomorrow for the 5th biopsy  (i am sure  this is a record! ) result of the other 2 areas of concern  following a diagnosis  of dcis and idc.  They could only biopsy 1 area of calcification so that leaves a question  about the 2nd area. If that comes back positive  the descion  is already made and it’s mastectomy, if indeterminate  I have to make a descion of wle or mastectomy, either way it’s a node biopsy.  After talking with hubby I am leaning towards mastectomy, I am 48 and my children are 10 and I don’t know if I can live with the wondering of what’s in the 2rd area they can’t get to , whether something will change again or has been missed.   I just want to have the best chance of this  nightmare not coming back, going mad thinking :(.


Oh Helly you poor love! It’s bad enough having the stress of going through it once let alone 5 times, I had a lumpectomy as only had one area but at the time would happily have had a mastectomy just to be shot of it all if need be, best of luck with this next biopsy Hun Xx Jo 

Hi Helly18, When I got my results I had idc and large area of dcis, and they recommended a mastectomy due to the dcis. It’s such a worry and I understand why you are seriously considering a mastectomy if it’s intermediate.  You just want to know that it’s gone don’t you , and then get on with your life and hopefully one day we can put this nightmare behind us . I hope all goes well for you today xx

Hi Helly, I had a mastectomy because although the cancer was under 2cm, I’m just an A cup and a lumpectomy wouldn’t have left much anyway. But I was given the choice and am more confident that the cancer is now gone along with my breast!
Wishing you all the very best xxx

Hi Helly,


I had a WLE but the results were for no clear margins and the ductal cancer was behaving like lobular. My surgeon ordered and MRI to see what was going on and the were more areas showing up as suspicious. My BCN phoned me and asked what I wanted to do, they offered more biopsies but by then it was two months after my diagnosis and I just wanted to get things done so I opted for a mastectomy. That was done and the path results showed the suspicious areas were also cancer; so I had made the right decision. Now I am having chemo before radiotherapy then tamoxifen. I am 53 with four adult daughters…I thought “I don’t need it and it is being really troublesome…it has to go!”


Hope this helps, you need to be comfortable with whatever decision you make.



Well went to see surgeon to be told unfortunately they missed the area that needed to be biopsied :catmad: I just looked and started to laugh.  Went through options and surgeon  feels that lumpectomy, radiotherapy  and

hormone therapy is sufficient  a at this point but he will  do a mastectomy  if that’s what I want but it wouldn’t be preferred option.  Head all in a do da again. Am booked for another stereotactic on Friday  (no. 6)or further review either way surgery will be 24th.