Declining radiotherapy?

After a lumpectomy with good histology results (negative margins, no lymphovascular invasion), I’m recommended radiotherapy to reduce the risk of recurrence from 20% to 1-2% - I have massive concerns about the side effects and have not given consent. Does anyone have any experience - positive or negative- of deciding against radiotherapy please?

Hi Martina

Are you worried about any side effects in particular? I was worried too but went ahead and didn’t have any side effects at all…although obviously there are risks to radiation exposure.  

i have had breast cancer previously( 3 times now) …first time was non invasive DCIS, very small 4mm …clear margins, I was told I didn’t need radiotherapy… because only a 2% chance of recurrence…but 5 years later it was back… I never look at percentages now because they are all about a cohort of people not about you the individual…I decided to take whatever was on offer to reduce my own risk as much as possible as I personally need to know I have done very thing I can…but I know we are all very different…if you’ve talked it over with your team and weighed up the risks/benefits and are happy to make an informed decision to decline then that’s fine too.

Take good care.