Deep Heat

I’ve not developed Lymphoedema but am very cautious of staying within the rules and not taking too many risks. I have extensive scar tissue from my breast surgery and a previous surgery, this often gets aggrevated and the muscles get achey … is it safe to use something like Deep Heat rub or should it be avoided.

Also a friend has invited me to a spa day where they have steam rooms and hot tubs etc … am I right in thinking we should avoid these ?

Hi there,

If you have lymphoedema you should avoid hot tubs etc as the heat draws more blood therefore more fluid into your peripheries to try to cool off. Then because your lymphatic system is damaged you will not be able to get rid of the fluid possibly resulting in increased swelling.

If like you you don’t have lymphoedema… I don’t know!
I think there might be a small risk of precipitating it??

Just a warning to everyone after breast surgery - I read an account of a lady who had numbness of her back after surgery. She went in a hot jacuzzi tub and because of the numbess didn’t realise she was getting scalded by the jacuzzi hot jets and she got quite badly burnt on her back.

Hope you have a lovely day at the spa …

Rowena x

PS Sorry, I don’t think I would use deep heat either, it can be quite irritant I think.

Hi there

How about Ibuprofen gel? It’s pain relieving but doesn’t generate heat.

Agree with Rowena about the spa/hot tub - best to avoid the first and also the second unless you’re quick and can also keep your arm out of the water all the time.

It’s a bummer, ain’t it?

X to all


Thanks for teh responses - sorry I have not been back to check earlier, been busy being a new grandma :slight_smile:

I kind of thought the spa stuff was going to be a no-no … first they chop into our boobs, then they stick us on drugs that make us feel crap then they take away the fun things like hot tubs and steam rooms etc.

I use the ibu-gel quiet a lot on other achey places so will just invest in a bigger tube to keep the arm in check too.

Hi Lilacblushes

Just a quick one - you can get Ibugel on prescription, so if you have a current pre-payment certificate, it might be worth asking your GP to do the honours (and put the money you save towards a treat for yourself!)