Deformed nipple after Rads

Hey all and hope you are well.

I was just wondering if anyone has a deformed nipple after radiotherapy.

I’ll fill you in…

I had a grade 3 tumour in my left breast when diagnosed and had surgery to remove the lump. The surgeon did an excellent job and the scar followed the contour of the right side of my aereola perfectly. After investigation it turned out I need a further operation as the margins were not quite clear and the cells were right near the skin. He then took a wedge from the same area still keeping with the contour of the scar but a slight part of the aereola had to be removed this time.


I then went onto have chemo and rads.
My whole breast went pretty much brown and my nipple went black. This has know scabbed over and I now have nice soft pink skin underneath.
The problem is I have now noticed that the bottom side of my nipple is much bigger than my nipple on the other breast and almost a bit droopy also the scar looks a lot more raised than it was before.

Have any of you had this same problem after rads.

I’m now worried the cancer may still be lurcking. I had no lymph nodes involded and was told after the second op all was cleared.

Too top things off my armpit and arm on the op side is feeling very sore.

Please help, i’m a bit worried. I’ve got an appointment with oncologist in two weeks time but feeling a bit anxious.

Thanks all,

Mandy xxx

Hi Mandy,

My rads finished last week and my lymph removal scar and lumpectomy scar are quite tender. My nipple/areola also went very very dark but now most of the dark skin has flaked off-looks very strange though cos theres still a dark brown line around the edge while the middle is baby pink!! My nipple looks quite deformed too-must be normal? its really hard underneath my scar as well-im waiting to see my oncologist/bcn so i will mention it to them but im sure theres nothing to worry about!

As most ladies on this site advise me all the time-if you’re worried about it hun then call your bcn as soon as-she will put your mind at rest and stop 2wks of un-necessary worrying!!

Take care


I burnt terribly after rads on the nipple and underneath. My surgery was also done around the nipple though the lump was high up on my breast. It took a long time for the scar to settle down. The outside of my arm at the top was both numb and painful at the same time? The surgeon said the numbness would go after about 6 months and sure enough it did. My op was Oct 2007 and my arm was so painful that I would cradle it wherever I went. Shopping was really hard near Xmas as the shops were really busy and if anyone knocked my arm, it hurt so much I could feel tears welling up.


I too had problems after rads - nipple peeled and armpit and breast very sore. Its still sore 4 months on, but was told not to worry as its all normal. You have to remember that the rads are essentially burning / killing the tissue, so some pain and discomfort must be expected. I know you must be worried, i am too as pain and ‘wierdness’ feelings automatically make us fear the worst.
my rads were all over the area, and booster doses on the side, not near my nipple at all, so i’m guessing if you had booster rads directly on the scar site (ie nipple) then try not to worry as this area is so delicate, that some reaction is to be expected. My scar site was very upset straight after rads, and its right on the side near when an underwire goes so my tissue was probably thicker/less delicate than yours so can only imagine the reaction you had!

I’m sure your onc will tell you that the tissue will settle down with time, it generally does but like the others mentioned, see your bcn who will undoubtedly put your mind at ease.