Dehydration on Tamoxifen

Has anyone experienced dehydration with Tamoxifen? I’ve told my Medical oncologist and surgeon and the both said they’ve never hear that one before. Dentist put me on prescriptive toothpaste, but it’s not just a dry mouth issue. I will wake up in the night and need to drink a full glass of water because I’m so parched. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this side effect?

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I’ve got this too. I’ve been taking tamoxifen for a month and am drinking pints and pints of water during the day and waking up really thirsty in the night. I thought maybe I was imagining it as I hadn’t read about it being a side effect but maybe I’m not if you are finding it dehydrates you too.

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Yes, I am really struggling with the dehydration. No matter how much water I drink, I don’t feel my thirst is quenched. I cannot stand flavored electrolyte packets and smart water or other electrolyte water is so expensive. My daughter and I have been researching unflavored options. I ordered Lyte Show electrolyte drops and they arrived last night. I feel like it has helped today. It’s not totally flavorless but doesn’t taste bad. I like to put fresh limes in my water, so I don’t taste much difference. It will be interesting if it makes a difference in the long term. My daughter ordered another brand and will let me try that too.

Yes I get this I’ve been on tamoxifen for 16 months and have had this side effect along with hot flushes and night sweats throughout I’m also on Zoladex. I wonder whether it’s to do with the reduction of estrogen as I know dry mouth can sometimes be a side effect of menopause :woman_shrugging:t2:I find I have to drink at least 3 litres of water a day which isn’t always manageable but always try to get at least 2 down me xx

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Are you on any chewy calcium tablets?

I was and what you described happened to me. It was after eating Christmas Lunch with cracked and bleeding lips that I decided enough was enough and changed the medication

No, I’m not on calcium tablets. Do they help?

I was prescribed them because the AI gave me osteopenia

Raging thirst , dry mouth cracked lips etc. Moved on to a small calcium tablet instead and symtoms went.

But if you are not on the chewy calcium then that is not the root of your problem!

Hope you get an answer soon