delay again

Hi Everyone,


I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected, my cheno has been delayed again due to breast wound not healing quick enough, i was supposed to begin chemo at 4 weeks after op, then i had a second date for today, again delayed until 6th April, also attempted PICC line with no success, the only thing i got was a very bruised sore, swollen arm, i was feeling down last week and was going to forget the lot, but only down for a day, i thought about peope that cant afford chemo in other countries, and how lucky i am to have so much good care around me, also a friend of mine who works in a hospice near me once said, however bad the chemotherap gets remember its your friend, and although i havent started yet, i have thought long and hard, i will probably have more down days but today this day as i write this, i am feeling well, the sun is shining and i am happy about that i have good friends around me, so remember ladies, we are all in this together and i wish each and every one of you a good, happy and healthy life xxx

hi Yealand,


I know where exactly how you feel,  My operation was 12 December, got infected on 30 December, and then opened up,leaving my with an oen cavity 7cm x 4cm  I’ve had  district nurses, hospital clinics, gp surgery apointments up to 4 times a week for dressing changes ever since, and my chemo been cancelled 4 times.  


However today i got the news that my wound is now healed sufficiently for me to begin chemo.  My first session is on Thursday (30th March).  I have mixed feelings, pleased that I am now getting started on the next step, but fear about what it will bring.


This is my first ever post in a forum, but thought i just had to reply to you. Hope all goes well for you when you get started o 6th April,


Hi Paula, Ms Merton,
Firstly, thank you for your replies, I hope that chemo goes well for you Paula and that your side effects are not too bad, I shall be thinking of you, I have to have 6 cycles as I had triple negative BC, grade 3, follows by 6 weeks of radiotherapy, I was fortunate that lymph nodes were clear and had clear margins, Ms Merton, I wish you well and a speedy recovery after your surgery, I haven’t been offered portacath, but will mention it to my breast care nurse, thank you both so much for your replies, huge hugs to both of you xx

Hello All


I know too well the disappointment you’re feeling as I had my chemo postponed twice due to wound issues. I eventually started but shouldn’t have as the wound hadn’t really healed so I then had to wait 8 weeks for the 2nd chemo session. I lost most of my hair after the 1st one so it was even more annoying that I couldn’t continue. Especially since they eventually gave up waiting for the wound to heal and went ahead with chemo anyway. I finished in March. 


The chemo wasn’t as bad as I remember (Had chemo 20 years ago for somthing else). I think it’s the anticipation and fear of the unknown that gets you and you can almost hear that ticking clock telling you to get on with it. 


Fingers crossed you heal soon and can start the next stage… hang in there. xx