Delay in Chemo

Hi everyone. Not been on for sometime as things have not gone as smoothly as hoped. Had MX and LD 31 March which went Ok. However since then breast wound has broken down and then got infection in back wound. Back stitches came out and now have large open wound which I have to have packed every other day. They keep dressing the breast too and debrided it 2 weeks ago. They have now decided to bring in a wound specialist today to see what can be done. Also they have decided to start me on hormone tablets as it looks like chemo is going to be delayed for quite a while. I’m due to have 6 cycles of EC and then 3 weeks of rads. I’m really worried the chemo is going to be delayed for months because of the wound issue. It’s already 6 weeks since surgery and no sign of a move in the right direction with the wound. Will this long delay narrow the chances of the chemo being effective? I had micro dot on 1 lymph node but none removed with surgery as it was felt chemo would mop up OK. I’m just worried with the dellay the cells might be on the move and spreading.
Has anyone experienced a delay in treatment due to wound problems?


i was delayed on my chemo for a few weeks because they were unable to find my primary cancer so was diagnosed in August but started treatment in mid October. Have had a really good result on my lymph nodes. So cant really say in your situation but it sounds terrible what your going through and hope that all works well soon.

I had a long delay before my chemo started and i became really worried but i was assured by two oncologists and several doctors that chemo is still effective even with a delay as they would not do it and certainly would not risk it. Please try not to worry concentrate on getting better.Lv Melxx

Hi Nellie

Sorry to hear of your wound infection which is obviously causing you added stress.

My chemo was delayed but not due to a wound infection. I was 30 weeks pregnant at the time of my surgery and I had 2 ‘micromets’ in one lymph node. My baby was induced at 37 weeks and then I started chemo 2 weeks later, all in all a total of 9 weeks delay from surgery. This was back in May 2006.

Starting on hormone treatment will maybe give you some peace of mind - remember because chemo attacks the immune system they really need to make sure you are as healed as can be so better there to be a delay now than to end up in a possibly worse situation.

Take care. Love xxxx

hi Nellie
my Chemo is also being delayed for about 14 weeks, similar reasons to yourself. My thought is if the Oncoligist isn’t concerned then i needn’t be my lymph’s are clear. i must admit that the delay does give your head time to work overtime. Try not to worry tgo much.
Take care
Terri x

hi nellie, i had no delays but my chemo didnt begin til 8 wks after surgery and i healed well, try not to stress am sure all will fit into place priority at moment is healing your wound x