Delay in pathology results - v anxious 😥

Hi ladies,

I had my surgery (single mastectomy with full axilla clearance) on the 24th April. I had an appointment to see my surgeon for the results booked for the 21st May, a few days before the breast unit called to say that the results wouldn’t be available on that day so they moved my appointment to the 23rd May just 2 days later. The lab promised the breast unit my results would definitely be there for the 23rd.
Yesterday I get a call to say they wouldn’t be ready for the 23rd after all and that they would not be ready until the w/c 3rd June. By this point my anxiety was through the roof. I went to the appointment today anyway as my surgeon wanted to check my wound etc. she then said she will call me next Thursday 30th May with the results!! Honestly you could not make this up!

This will be 5 weeks post surgery, has anyone else waited this long for results? Although I keep getting told the lab is short staffed and very busy I start panicking that they have found something worse than we thought :disappointed_relieved:. I already know I definitely have one positive lymph node so am keeping everything crossed it’s no more but the wait is unbearable.

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@jayne1210 I waited five weeks for my results, but I knew straight after my surgery that I would wait that long. I found it hard when my surgery which was booked for January 3rd was then cancelled due to the junior doctors strike and I had to wait until January 31st so I know how you feel. I kept thinking I should be recovering and not waiting to have the surgery. Obviously you want to know and to keep getting yourself ready to find out is not good for you. Stay strong, you are so much tougher than you think although this is a horrible way for us all to find out how tough we are. Sending you a big hug and please keep in touch, we are all here for you x


Dear Jayne,

This is almost unforgivable, I can only put this down to post covid, we all have to push, and pull for everything nowadays it’s so unfair.

I’m thinking of you, hopefully you will get your results asap, together with a plan as to were your going.

Wishing you well, take good care of yourself, good food, rest and try not to worry (easily say) make a few notes so you have your questions to hand as we can be all over the place at our appointments.

We are all here for you, keep posting letting us know how you’re feeling.

Biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Hi @jayne1210 I also waited 5 weeks as the labs were so busy. My results appt date was moved on twice. I agree it is worrying but it doesn’t mean anything. I kept telling myself it’s better that they analyse it properly, not rush it, but when every procedure, scan, test etc means more results, it does seem never ending! I’m planning treats and trips away for whenever I can when there’s a pause in procedures! Good luck - hope you get your results very soon and that they’re reassuring :two_hearts:

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I really do empathise, I found the waiting the worse your mind really does run away with you but do try to remember that no amount of worrying will change the outcome, I know that’s easy to say but it helped me get on with the day to day. A lot of the time it’s not necessarily a delay with your results but more likely to do with having your case discussed at the multi disciplinary team meeting. Results and treatment plans are unlikely to be discussed until agreed by the MDT. Sending positive vibes and hoping you don’t have to wait much longer xx

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It’s the Bank Holiday week and school holidays . All the MDT team have to be present, I was told . And they only meet once a week . That’s probably the delay , nothing sinister . But waiting is shocking x

Thank you all for replying and offering reassurance.

They have said it’s because the labs are busy as they have staffing issues plus because my treatment is at a big teaching/research hospital they get samples sent from other trusts in the region. Coincidentally I work at the same NHS trust so know this is correct.

I am fortunate in that I already know my treatment plan. Long story short I started chemo first and had two rounds but got liver toxicity both times so needed more rest between each round which was delaying the surgery. They suspended my chemo and I went to surgery first in the end.

The plan is I will return to chemo in the next 2 weeks or so to have the remaining 6 cycles before my 15 sessions of radiotherapy following that. My surgeon said no matter what the results say my treatment will not change.