Delay in treatment and a cold

Have found the forums very useful and thought it’s time I took the plunge and post my first question.

Just wondered if anyone out there has been in the same position as myself. Was due my third FEC treatment last week which was cancelled due to a very low blood count. I have now developed a cold and am due to have Chemo this Wednesday. Am concerned if it gets cancelled again what effect it has on my treatment?

Due to see oncologist on Wednesday as well and just wondered if there was anything in particular I should be asking?

Dear Dottiediz

Welcome to the discussion forums, I am sure that your fellow forum members will be along soon with valuable support and advice, you are also welcome to call our freephone confidential helpline for a chat with one of our specialist nurses with your concerns, our team can offer you a ‘listening ear’, advice and information. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Dottiediz

I hope your cold gets better soon and treatment isnt delayed too long. Just thought I would tell you about my delay experience…had to have an infected wisdom tooth out after my 3rd FEC. I’m just about to have number 4 today after a 7 week delay.

My onc seems to think there was no harm in delaying for this long and I couldnt continue my treatment cos of the risk of neutropenic sepsis. I feel confident everything will be ok.

I hope the rest of your treatment goes well Regards Judy

Hi, I had a slight cold two weeks ago so wondering how my blood count will be for fourth FEC on Monday, hope yours clears up soon. I was told by a nurse that if your blood count kept being low each time then the dose would be reduced as it was too strong for your body. The dose is set by your height and weight I believe. Otherwise it wolud keep getting delayed by a week each time and we all want it over with! Hope that helps. I took massive doses of Vit C, it seemed to do the trick.

Liz x

Hi Dottiediz

I have had 2 delays - both due to low blood counts

FEC1 - normal
FEC 2 - 3 weeks later and I was very very sick and migrainy
FEC 3 - reduced dosage
FEC 4 - postponed for a week due to low neutrofils - asked for full dose but he said I’d never get thrpugh the rest of it so refused and gave me the reduced dosage again
TAX 1 - postponed for 10 days due to low neutofils (I felt really really unwell). Now feel fine and have been enjoying the break. Due to have it on Monday - AAAGGGHHH!

It seems that delays are all quite normal with this … wouldn’t worry too much … it’s just a question of plodding on and doing the best you can!

Love FizBix xxxxxxx