Delayed Chemo (again)!!!!

Really fed up this morning. I was due for the last cycle of chemo this afternoon and had bloods taken yesterday. Bearing in mind, my last two cycles have been delayed because of low neutrophils, I fully expected a phone call last night saying they were low again and I wouldn’t be able to have treatment today. However, no phone call-I was elated!!! OH arranged time off work to take me today then shock this morning, phone call from chemo unit-neutrophils low again so treatment deferred for one week. When I asked why they hadn’t rung yeaterday, they said they were very busy and never had time. While I understand this I am really frustrated and cheesed off. Onc has always refused to prescribe Neulasta. Not happy at all but nothing I can do. Sorry for moaning but really fed up today and need to offload. Thanks for listening x

Sometimes you can pre-empt this sort of situation by having your bloods done at the GP surgery the day before you see the ONC and/or 2 days before treatment.  In my experience, if you have neutropenia, the ONC Dr then rings you up and postpones the chemo session.  At my ONC centre- which is Ginormous - they regularly postpone 10% of booked chemo sessions.  This means contacting patients must be a huge task for an already stretched team. This is not to apologise for them- in my case I’ve been postponed twice (cycles 3 and 4) and the phone call came through at lunchtime and at 1900 - hours after I needed to know to reorganise care at home and also annoying because with TAX you have to start taking the steroids the day before.  In your case you will have had your last session be now (I hope!) so it’s in the past for you.  Good luck whatever the next stage brings.