Delayed DIEP surgery

Hi there. Just trying to connect with anyone (to possibly support one another) who has an upcoming DIEP op. I had a left mastectomy in May last year. I was told immediate reconstruction wasn’t available at the time due to COVID. Had a phone call yesterday saying my DIEP reconstruction is booked for the 9th September in 10 days! Feeling really nervous about it. Anyone out there in a similar position or had the surgery and can give me any welcome tips/support/info. Feeling scared

You have a similar story to me! I had my mastectomy in April last year and no immediate reconstruction due to covid! 
I had a date for my Diep on the 6th of Sept but it’s been cancelled this week due to covid again rubbish! Had my pre op appointment and everything arranged at work etc and then got the phone call Tuesday. Then my consultant is having a baby at the end of sept. 
the waiting list coordinator lady is hopeful il get in before Xmas though so fingers crossed! 
I too have been anxious about it and wondering if it’s worth it etc, but if there’s any silver linings to having it cancelled it’s shown me I deffo do want it! 
have you got your bra and pants? I’ve treated myself to lots of new comfy stuff, slippers and front opening PJs Do they want you to isolate pre op? This upcoming week was meant to be my isolation week but still taking it as holiday to have a bit of a break and it’s all felt quite full on this summer!  

Hope you’re having a nice weekend, 

Becky xx