Delayed or immediate reconstruction

I had a WLE in July and they found a tumour 6cm Lobular grade 1. Due to the size they are definitely recommending a masectomy. There seems to be a big debate between my surgeon and oncologist and apparantly this is one of the biggest debates as to whether to do immediate reconstruction or delayed. I have DD boobs so would be much happier to have an immediate reconstruction and they are talking about Tram or Diep recon. My oncolocigst says this reconstruction will be damaged by radioptheraphy, from what i can see there is very divded opinions on which is best, has anyone had a reconstruction either before or after radiotheraphy and are you pleased with results, I am seeing aplastic surgeon for a 2nd opinion at the end of October.

Hi I had a mastectomy in apr and because I needed radiotherapy after my surgeon and onco both said it would be a delayed recon, I am as d cup.The surgeon said he could get a better result delaying recon till 12 months after mastectomy, this would give the skin time too heal from radiotherapy.
I am having a recon next spring I have recently seen surgeon who would like skin to heal a bit longer.He also wants me to have time to get stronger and finish herceptin.
The prothesis I have is good and no one can tell which is the real one!
Good luck

Has my appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday they are all wanting to do a masectomy with delayed reconstruction. Not really what i wanted to hear but at least they are all agreeing on the course of action

Like you I have a large cupsize - F. I had a mastectomy with immediate recontraction using a TRAM flap procedure. End result - a flat stomach and an incredibly real looking boob that isn’t too much smaller than my other one. A fantastic result. I now face chemo and radio - but I feel like a whole woman. If you can, I’d def recommend having it all done at the same time. Best of luck.

Good - get the 2nd opinion, good you have a plastic surgeon.

Surgeons are entrenched in their own M.O. and at apt to impose it on patients rather than allowing them to make fully informed decisions and deal with the consequences.

There are plenty of here who have had immediate recon and fully treatment afterwards and they’ll be able to furnish you with all the details.

It is generally implants that “suffer” under RT so if you aren’t having am implant I’d have thought it may not be too much of a problem. Psychologically it will make a huge difference.

Also see other websites e.g. or Google for others.

Hi everyone!
I wanted to ask Kernowdaisy: how do you feel having the prothesis?
Is it like your own, or like something strange on your body?
I do apologise for the question and I hope I don’t upset anyone here?

I am newly diagnosed and all sorts of thought and worries are going through my mind.