Delayed reconstruction and established lymphoedema

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2011, had chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed by 1 year herceptin treatment (finished Jan 2013). I developed lymphoedema in my right arm (worse in the hand) in October 2011. I am considering reconstruction (tram flap seems to be the suggested option due to ANC) but am worried that the lymphoedema may worsen.
Any thoughts/experience?
PS was retired on ill-health from my job as a clinical specialist physiotherapist in paediatrics due to issues with infection control and compression garments!

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Hi Katy

I think this is a very important question. You do really need some specialist advice from a lymphoedema clinic or lymphoedema nurse specialist. Presumably you are under the care of someone for you hand? I expect it will end up being a case of weighing up how much you want the reconstruction versus the risk for worsening lymphoedema. I’ve decided against partly because of the potential for exacerbating my current arm lymphoedema or causing it elsewhere as I know I’m prone to it.
I think you need some really expert advice to enable you to make an informed choice here.
good luck!
Elinda x