Delayed reconstruction for small boobs

Hello all, this is my first post as I’ve just been diagnosed. I’m booked for a mastectomy on Jan 2nd and as it’s all happened very quickly since diagnosis I’m not having reconstruction at the time.
I do know I will want delayed reconstruction, I’m 41 and I don’t want to be flat on one side, but my surgeon indicated that my options weren’t straightforward as a) I’m not having a skin or nipple saving mastectomy as the cancer is too close to the skin and b) I’m slim build with small (A cup) breasts, so using tummy fat not an option. I know getting rid of the cancer is the main thing, I just can’t help feeling very upset about the changes to my body.
Has anyone been in this situation? Looking for reassurance really that reconstruction will be possible for someone like me! Thanks in advance.

Hello, I’m 4 weeks post op, and currently “a uniboober” (who knew?! there’s a whole facebook group dedicated to single boobers and its amazingly positive and helpful) so while pre-op I was devastated, scared and felt, what seemed like grief stricken (I fed both my kids), afterwards, I felt strangely grateful to my lost boob for saving my life. I just wanted to get through it and get back to fitness, and I am totally suprised at a) how amazing M&S was in getting me a bra, b) amazed at the support there is to make you look like nothing has happened c) amazed at how little difference it has made in my relationship. I may or may not go for delayed reconstruction - but will probably need a “balancing op” as so little left but, in my experience, its totally not as bad as you think when you get through the op and find yourself on the other side. On the plus side I’ve just been informed I’ve no need for chemo and have escaped radiotherapy … so “I’m done!” and getting on with getting back to fitness. Hope this gives you some comfort.


I would question about using tummy fat if it’s what you want.
A friend of mine was also told that this wouldn’t be possible because she was very slim. She started researching implants but then she saw another surgeon who was able to use her tummy for the reconstruction.