Delayed treatment due to covid


I am meant to start ribociclib tablets again tomorrow. However, I’ve tested positive for COVID today and have been told to delay for a week. I had a few delayed starts for the first few cycles due to low neutrophils and all my scans were still stable so I know it shouldn’t make any difference. The nurse has reassured me of the same thing but I’m still upset and disappointed at the delay. 

Has anyone else had it delayed for the same reason and if so were your neutrophils ok by the following week. Mine were fine on Thursday for treatment, they were 1.9. I guess I’m worried that Covid will lower them and I’ll end up with a two week delay. 

I have been on palbociclib for 4 years and had several gaps of a week due to low neutrophils which have been OK after an extra week off . Apparently neutrophils can pick up on a daily basis. My scans stable I have secondaries in lung base of spine and pelvis. Hope you get over your covid ok it hopefully won’t be so bad due to vaccines.  Take care Liz x