Delete if now allowed! Bras!

Hello ladies 

I am 12 years post cancer. I had a double mastectomy , and the mastectomy bras do not fit and are very uncomfortable and I hate the padding etc. 

ive had reconstruction but still nothing fits right… until I went into George today and found the perfect bra which fits perfectly over my reconstructed bosom! 12 years I’ve been waiting for comfort whilst often substituting it for a half decent silhouette! I know it won’t fit for all but for those ladies who are really struggling to find a half decent bra, its worth a try! 


Hi Mairead, Just to mention that a couple of weeks ago I found something similar in Peacocks, not somewhere I usually shop but was the only clothes shop in a village I was visiting. They have 3 colours, white, black and nude. They have ones without straps like the one you shared, thicker strapped type and also thinner straps, perfect for summer tee shirts. They had ones that go straight across the boobs or a v shape. Some are pull on bras and if i remember correctly they had ones with hooks. The best bit they were only £5/£6 each. Bargain! Gives a perfect silhouette and they are really comfy, oh and have removable pads. I am now the proud owner of 6 new bras. Xx