Denial officially over!

So, it’s official - my diagnosis has been upgraded from second regional recurrence to secondary breast cancer. It was written on my chemo consent form today. Not that it makes any difference to treatment, etc. But wow! It was a bit of a shock to the system to see it written in black & white. So I suppose I’m now an official member of the club, if you’ll have me…

Angelfalls xx

Welcome to the club Anglefalls, sorry you had to join us and in such a shocking way too !
Good luck with the chemo, have they told you where your sec’s are?
I have mets in Lungs but chemo blasted them out ! Only have one now , hope yours works just as well.

Thanks, Jean. I’ve made it sound far more dramatic than it actually was, sorry! I should have included a bit more background info…

I knew that other oncs classed me as having secondaries, but until now my onc’s view had been that I had a second regional recurrence in and behind the sternum rather than secondaries, so I’ve been happily agreeing with that! I think the fact that a PET scan back in Dec found previously undiagnosed lymph node involvement from my sternum right up to my neck has caused my onc to reconsider her diagnosis, even though I still don’t have any distant mets. I’m starting weekly Taxol tomorrow and really hoping it’ll do the business after I had progression on 3 cycles of Xeloda.

I’m glad to hear that chemo worked well for you and hope that the one met that’s left will behave itself for a loooooooong time! Take care xx