Denosumab and root canal treatment

Hi has anyone  been on denosumab and needed a root canal doing?Did you have to come off it before /after the dental treatment?my6 month check up didn’t go as I had hoped(being a terrified dental patient !).Dreading having to have it done especially as I was advised to go privately so fear cost will be very high.thanks Didi 

Hi didi62

You may find it helpful to speak with one of our clinical specialists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

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Hello didi62,

I am assuming you are asking because of the (low) risk of Osteonecrosis in the jaw with invasive dental treatment.

I hope someone comes along soon who is on the same drug as you and can give better advice.  I am also receiving bishphosphonate treatment as a primary cancer adjuvant treatment and not as a treatment for secondary cancer.

In the meantime, for what it’s worth, I am on bishphosphonate (Zometa) infusion every 6 months. Prior to starting, I had dental check as advised and all ok. 4 months later, I experienced my first abcess.

The NHS dentist I use said tooth could be saved with root canal treatment. He knew about the drug and the risk, and was confident everything would be fine. I put my faith in him, and just about 1 year later, all still ok at the moment. I did not need to change my treatment plan and have just had my third 6 monthly infusion.

My understanding is that the risk rate nay vary with dosage of denosumab. For example, it is classed as a common side effect at dose 120mg but rare at dose 60mg.


I would discuss with dentist and give Oncology a call to get their advice.

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I have just registered on this site, and can’t believe the first post I read was about Denosumab and root canal treatment, I broke a tooth on Sunday, right down to the root, spoke to my Onclogist on Tuesday and she advised that if I have to have the rest of the tooth out I would have to stop Denosumab for 4 weeks (I have an injection every 4 weeks), then the dentist would make an appointment at the dental hospital!!! Saw the Dentist  yesterday, she said that it could be repaired with a crown, as they would not want to do invasive treatment, in the meantime I have a temporary filling in. So don’t have to stop Denosumab, Dentist are very aware of Cancer treatments!! Hope that helps