Denosumab - hospital, GP or DIY

Hi ladies, I’ve had spinal & pelvis mets for a year. Started on letrazol, ibrance, triptorelin and zometa. Unfortunately October scan showed activity in vertebra so had cyberknife and switched from zometa to Denosumab.

I see the onc and pick up ibrance once a month, was having zometa diffusion at the same visit. But now they want to do denosumab every 6 weeks which means additional trips, hanging around for hours for a 30 second injection.

Does anyone get this done at gp surgery or enen do it at home? It’s such a palava and waste of time sitting in the chemo unit for a little injection. Must be able to do this better???

Hi riversidedaen

I have asked a few times at the chemo unit regarding having the Denosumab at GP surgery I was told no because they have to check bloods first. Right carry on in my opinion. Hope someone comes along says they do get it at GP and I will ask again.