Denosumab injection

Hi All does anyone know if you can have your monthly denosumab injection if you have a cold.?

I am due my 5th one on Friday but I feel like I  could have a cold starting.Very annoying as I luckily rarely get them.thanks Didi x

if you don’t want to go hospital with a cold …you could maybe delay it . I have mine 6 weekly so just don’t think it’s vital to be exactly 4 weekly.
It’s the time if year for the colds now …I try to avoid public places too much …but it’s sods law I will get a sniffle on Xmas day …

A cold in itself won’t stop you having the injection, it’s more like whether you go to the hospital, like Carolyn has said. I also have mine 6 weekly so if you’re a few days late it won’t matter too much.

Nicky x

Now that is useful info thank you…tho I’m sticking to Zometa.


i already self administer blood thinners and if needed filgrastim 

had no idea you could self do the denusamab, but as it’s only subcutaneous into the tummy, it’s going to be easy xox often doesn’t hurt at all and I find I can give my own drugs really slowly and less painfully,  whereas the nurses might be too busy to do this so, much nicer