Does the Denosumab bone strengthening infusion take only one day every 3 months. So only one visit to the hospital for the infusion every 3 months. Does it take all day? My employer wants to know about future treatment.



Hi there I have Denosaumaub every 4 weeks. I have it when I collect my next batch of tablets. It takes about 5 mins to inject into the tummy.



Hi Michy,

My Denosumab is also given as an injection, I hardly feel it and it takes 5 minutes.  I have one injection every 4 weeks.  Some people have it given once every 3 months but its usually whatever your Oncologist thinks is best for you (though you can ask for a different regime if you don’t like the one you’re given, eg. swapping from monthly to 3 monthly).

The denosumab is given sub cutaneous into upper arm or tummy.  I had it monthly previously but changed to zometa infusion which is given iv  by infusion over about 30 mins every 3 months. The reason I was changed is because denosumab is a newer drug and costs a lot more . I preferred the denosumab because it is a quick injection but didn’t get the choice. Hope you are coping with your treatment plan . Love and hugs Liz x

I have an infusion every 3 months, takes about half an hour in all - 15 minutes for the infusion and then a short wait before leaving.  Take all the advice about drinking water and taking paracetamol thé day before and day after.  I didn’t know and was really really ill for 3 days following the first one but have been OK since. 

Hi Michelle I have fenosumab injections every 4 weeks as well as fulvestrant injections in my buttocks at 5he same time 

Hi I have Densonub in Upper arm every month and injections in buttock no problems awaiting the results of my scan on the 25th August.