Due to start this soon as insurance has approved it now and wondering what side effects people get.

Hi I’ve had 2 - no side effects what so ever!!! But everyone is different. I asked them if I could administer it but they said no:(

Hi,bclass,I get my second one on Thursday and have had no SEs.
Hugs,Helen xxxxx

I am on my second and have had no side effects either. I asked about self administration but they were not keen.

Blimey that’s a bit odd!! All us twoseys lol ethel x

Thank you tink that information is really useful. Ethel x

I am.under the impression that ibandronic acid does not heal bone mets but does denosumab/zometa kill cancer cells?

So assume it would be the tamoxifen/chemo or other treatment that would help to heal them.

Thanks Helen

Just had first injection hoping no big side effects.

Hi bc lass. How u feeling today? I have had 2 injections so far with no probs…touch wood! Hope its gd for you too.


Hi I hope the bone juice is starting to work its magic? My bone mets were awfully painful. I started the densubomab and fentanyl patches 12mg per hour plus 2 arthrotec75 all on the same day. Ever since my hip although not as painful has bothered me. The onc prescribed co codomol but after listening to the radio 4 programme about them I only used them for a couple of days. But yesterday and today my hip is pain free??? So I’m putting it down to the magical bone juice. I hope it’s good for you too? Ethel x

Re pain relief. I take 2 mst morning and nite with paracetamol and occasional oromorph during day. Feel this medication added to injection has really reduced pain in my groin legs and lower back. Before the pain was really bad particularly in bed at nite. I had to sleep on back with pillow under my knees for support.

Sorry. Its morphine sulphate tablets. They release morphine slowly over a 12 hour period so i take ona morning which lasts all day and then at nite
I take them with paracetamol as onc says these 2 meds combined really work well togethger to fight pain.

Thanks x

Hi there ladies


My cancer has progressed to sternum and sacroilliac.  Onc suggests I try elirubin IV as my last oral chemo has stopped working.


I couldn’t help noticing bc lass that you have mistletoe injections?  Is that something that is offered by oncologist?


Dani xx

Yes i have been on it 10 mths. Inj twice weekly and monthly iv. Onc does not believe it has an effect but he says ok to do. I go to a gp practice that has German dr who runs sessions. They can see up to 100 a mth.

Ps have been stable in all this time - is it the tamoxifen or mistletoe who knows!

Hi haven’t posted for a while I’m now on denosumab and have been on mistletoe for nearly two years and have been stable also like you I wonder if that it may be down to mistletoe??

Hi can any one help I’ve just posted after a long while ,and received a pm which I cannot retrieve and everytime I try to sign in it won’t let me I’ve reset password several times and still no joy so I do appologise to bc lass but I haven’t read your message and don’t want you to think I’m rude !! I’m not the most technical person either is it always this difficult to get started ? Helen x