Had first Denosumab injection nearly one month ago for Bone mets (also having Tamoxifen but nothing else at the moment, I aslo have lung mets and possible liver). Got scared by talk of Osteonecrosis so have been reluctant to admit to recent toothache. Next injection due next week - I know I should call dentist/cancer centre but it’s weekend now. Pain killers seem to help at the moment but I don’t want to not have the injection as I’m scared that means that cancer is not being fought. Does anyone understand? Anyone else have toothache early on in Denosumab treatment - could it be entirely unrelated? I did go for recommended check up before starting and dentist said my teeth were all healthy.



Hi Dragoncarine, I’m waiting to start on Denosumab but have got to have a broken crown removed first, I have an appointment with max fax on the 28th.  I then have to wait for 6 weeks before I can have my injection.  I’m quite worried about my teeth as they all went on to self destruct when I had chemo with my primary BC in 2004.  If you have seen your dentist for a check up and they were happy I expect everything is fine but if you are worried speak to your oncologist.


I am waiting  to start paclitaxel at the moment which has been delayed because of my tooth, I have had 5 cycles of Cape and 2 of Cape + Vin but my Onc decided to change things as my bone mets in my ribs were still progressing and the mets in my lymph nodes had remained the same.  


I hope your teeth calm down and stop hurting soon, sending hugs


Sandra x



Hello Sandra and dragon carine
Snap …chemo in 2004 killed my aging teeth …I had to have two teeth removed before I could start denosumab …
I had to stop the injection to have a filling earlier in the year too. I think though you can have a simple filling but extraction or root canals are the ones you have to watch.

Hi dragoncarine, after the first 3 injections I had a kind of toothache but only slightly achey. I told the doc but it was mild and has settled down now I am still getting Denosumab plus trials drugs the only ongoing side effect from Denosumab for me is fatigue. Tell the doc and try not to worry.

I got toothache too …in fact all my teeth seemed to ache and get sensitive. …I stopped denosumab for 3 months but oncologist was keen for me to go back on it …as I have extensive bone mets …
My teeth are still sensitive but I try to ignore that against the advantage of it protecting my poor old bones .