Hi I am having my first denosumab injection on Friday.Having read of the possible side effects I was hoping to hear of some of your experiences and what I can expect.many thanks Didi x

Hello and welcome to the forum …there are a lot of threads called denosumab if you do a search as it’s been well discussed over the last few years here !!
I have been having the injection now for over 18 months …it’s easy peasy …they check your blood tests for calcium levels and then a quick injection in tummy or arm …I prefer tummy and it’s so quick and painless .
Some ladies get no trouble at all but I do get a few extra bone pains after a few days …just a simple paracetamol will sort.
The best thing to do is just keep a daily note of any symptoms so you can mention them when you go back for your 2nd one …but I’m sure you will be fine
Hugs xx

Hiya didI
Yep I’m a letrozole lady too …never know whether the aches and pains are letrozole, denosumab or the bone mets these days really !!
Don’t worry about the injection though …it’s very easy to tolerate .
Best of luck and I understand the fear factor of something new …when I had my first one …cancelled all my social things for that week …thinking I was going to be struggling !! Nothing.
Hugs xxx