Hello ladies,

I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in May 2017 as it was identified that the cancer had spread to my spine and pelvis.  I was prescribed the following drugs that, after a few months, ended up being:

Letrozole 2.5mg (one tablet daily)

Palbociclib 75mg (3 weeks on, 3 weeks off)

Zoladex 10.8mg (every 12 weeks injection into the stomach)

Denosumab 120mg (every 6 weeks injection into the stomach)

Adcal-D3 (1 tablet daily)

I am aware that cancer patients needing Denosumab injections generally have them every 4 weeks.  I was moved to every 6 weeks to tie in with my chemo cycle (palbociclib) so that I didn’t have to keep going to medical appointments all the time.  I am aware that osteoporosis patients also have denosumab injections and these are generally administered every 6 months.  If this worked for cancer patients then I would love to go to 6 monthly injections instead of 6 weekly but I’ve no idea if this is viable or not for cancer patients.  I think there is currently a study looking into whether denosumab could be administered every 12 weeks instead of every 4 weeks (whilst still having the same effect) but this study doesn’t report its findings until December 2021. 

Just looking to find out if anyone out there has their denosumab injection at any other interval other than 4 weekly?  I’m aware that many Oncologists, up and down the country, do individual treatment plans for their patients that don’t necessarily conform to the “normal” guidelines so would love to know if anyone has anything different when it comes to Denosumab.

Thank you.

Hello SoViolet21

I was diagnosed with sbc round about the same time as you.  In my case it is in two of my vertebrae, one of which has collapsed.  I am taking similar meds to you, but at different times.

Letrozole 2.5 mg - daily

Palbociclib - 100mg - daily for 3 weeks, then one week off

Adcal-D3 - two tablets daily

I don’t have the Zolodex, but I do have Denusomab injections.  I started off having them every 4 weeks which slotted in with my hospital appointments.  For the last year I have been having them every 8 weeks.  I had my first one since lockdown a few weeks ago and the Breast Care nurse seemed surprised that I only have them every 8 weeks and went off to check.  Everytime I speak to the oncologist I double check that’s the schedule they want me to follow and they confirm that’s correct.  You are the only other person I’ve come across that’s different to the 4 - 6 weeks schedule.

I’m probably not a lot of help, as I have absolutely no reason why this should be! 


I have had Denosumab since Dec 2012, it was licensed in Oct 2012. During this time I have had it 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12 & 24 weekly depending on whichever treatment I am on. Currently due to in part to Covid, I am 24 weekly. My oncologist told me that Denosumab stays in your system for a long time & most oncologists tailor the frequency to your individual requirements alongside treatment. Hope that helps. 

Helen x