Dense Breast Cancer and Mammogram failure.

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Who knows if they have Dense Breast Tissue after the menopause and the failure in routine Mammograms, I have a story to tell.

Me! Though I was technically premopausal (49. Yrs-regular periods) . All mammograms clear but had a 20mm tumour.

I had a “clear”  first routine mammogram at age 50. 3 months later found lump.WLE & rads followed.

Hi Ladies,
In March 2013, I had a routine mammogram that came back CLEAR.
Six months later, I felt a lump and on referral to Breast Clinic had further tests (Mammogram, Ultrasound and Core Biopsy). Only at this mammogram, I was told I had dense breast tissue. Diagnosed with Invasive Ductal BC. 19mm tumour, WLE, rads and hormone therapy followed.
I have always been breast aware and check myself. I was quite shocked that six months after a CLEAR mammogram a 19mm tumour had grown.
My heart goes out to all the ladies here who had much larger tumours lurking after a CLEAR mammogram.
Since being told I have dense breast tissue, I have found out that my Breast Clinic has two mammogram X-ray machines. One of which is used for ladies with dense breast tissue. However, in technical terms, I do not know how they differ.
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I was indeed very lucky lump was felt by an astute doctor. Don’t know how long it had been there. I’d never have felt it! Too much reliance on machines these days. I had absolutely no idea my regular mammograms (family history) were worthless! Thank God for professional, qualified doctors who trust their judgement!

My mammogram was clear at breast clinic and I was told I had mixed density breast tissue, Ultrasound afterwards picked up a lump that was biopsied and turned out to harmless Fibrodenema but it also picked up some cancer cells lurking on the outside which hadn’t shown on either mammogram or US so I’ve been incredibly lucky as it was a grade 1 Tubular cancer which can take years to turn in to anything detectable!
Now I’m being offered annual breast check and mammogram for 5 years , this Doesn’t fill me with much confidence ?

Thanks for this thread girls. I too am worried about mamos being a waste of time for dense breasts and i had lobular invasive which doesnt tend to show up. I found the lump. I have come across a new ultrasound called digital breast tomosynthesis or DBT. Its offered at the royal marsden where i am being treated. I’m NHS but am going to look into paying privately to have that done once a year. Its specifically for dense breasts. Hope that helps Dee xxx

Hi Girls i will let you know if its available privately at Royal Marsden . Some of my consiltants also work at the London Breast Clinic 108 Harley Street. On their website it quotes the price of £260 for a Digital breast tomosynthesis with full report. Hope this helps anyone whos interested as i am defintely going for it if i can’t get it at RM. Will find out and report back. Xxx