Dent after WLE


Last Thursday I had a wide local excision and SNB of my tumour - which was located at the very top of my breast, where it meets the chest. I was fine with losing some overall volume assuming that I could wear a pad if needed. But now that the swelling has gone down a bit I can see a bit of a dent or divot mark.


My surgeon is considered one of the top oncoplastic surgeons in the country, and she thinks the results are excellent, given that repositioning tissue at the top of the cleavage is very difficult. And I should be thrilled because I got to keep my breast and my nodes were clear.


Still, I am feeling sorry for myself that everything is so visible and will be a permanent reminder, especially since I’m single. Destined for high-neck tops forever?


thanks for listening to me whine. :wink:




Hi Jessica

I had a WLE just over 7 wks ago! I have since had node clearance surgery. But the month following my original surgery. My breast changed shape week by week! I think it is very early days for you, and so maybe don’t assume that how it is now is exactly how it will stay.

Also remember that it seems so visible to you because you are looking for it. Obviously others aren’t. Also if in time you meet someone special. They will love you as you are! I think we all need to rememeber that the scars we have aren’t something to be ashamed of. They saved our lives.

Sending you a hug, but try not to be too upset. Talk to your BCN I am sure she will of seen a case like yours before and be able to offer some advice. But rememeber it is still early days. Give yourself time to get over the shock. Do you have anymore treatment to have? That can make a difference to, so I have been told. I’m only at the beginning of my journey, so can only tell you what I have found. I’m sure someone else with more knowledge will be on soon.

Big hugs! Your allowed to whine that’s what this site is for!!

Sal xxxxx

Thanks Sal, I needed that. I will need to do radiotherapy and tamoxifin and am waiting on the results of the oncotype test to determine whether or not chemo will be necessary. Thinking I have just been in denial about how major this is and wish I could hide it away behind my bra and ignore it. :slight_smile: I hope you are feeling well and thanks again for the words of wisdom!