Dent and inverted nipple

Hi im 14 and i have 2 dents on the bottom right breast when i push my breasts together towards the middle of my chest. Is this normal for teens to have or do I have cancer? Its been a month now and im worried. Ive also have inverted nipples for over a year now. Doe sthis all add up to cancer? Please respond.

Flowers, I just want to give you one giant hug. You must be so worried.

First, it would be very rare for you to have breast cancer at 14. Most breast cancer is linked to hormones and your body hasn’t been working with its oestrogen and progesterone for long enough yet. I started my periods at the late end of 10, which was unusual then, but I doubt you’ve been menstruating for more than a couple of years so it is very, very unlikely.

It’s brilliant that you are breast aware and I think it would be wise to ask your mum (if you can) about how to examine your breasts. In normal circumstances, I would say ask a female doctor or the practice nurse, or maybe you have a good health educator at school, but it’s hard to get appointments face to face during the pandemic. If you can ask your mum, assuming she knows, then you’ll begin to know what is normal for you and, as your breasts continue to develop, as mostly they do, you’ll get familiar with your breast map and be alert to changes as you get older. 

It’s a scary time as your body changes and you don’t know what to expect. I remember being convinced I had a particular medical condition at 14 because my lower abdomen was firm to the touch (normal) and swelled before and during my period (normal). I didn’t know what was normal then and would never have asked anyone so I stayed fretting till the next worry came along. I’m not saying what it was because it might set you worrying about that :slightly_smiling_face:

If you carry on worrying and don’t feel there is anyone you can talk to, then I suggest you ask if you can have an appointment with one of the nurses at your medical centre. They can look and reassure you and, if they can make physical contact, they may show you how to examine your breasts.

Otherwise, be proud of your breasts, look after them well and don’t let them be a cause of worry. They wont be so long as you are Breast Aware.

Good luck,

Jan xx (I used to teach my sixth formers how to examine their breasts)