Dent in breast

Hi im 28 years old and at least for 2 years now ive had a dent in my left breast. Its right next to some celulite i have on my side like where the boobs meets the underarm if it makes sense. I google it and im scared its cancer. I will go to the doctor in 2 weeks but i want to know if its likely to be cancer? No other breast changes =(

Hi Midna,
It’s highly unlikely to be bc, especially at your age. That’s the problem with google, it always does throw up bc, when mostly it’s not. There are many more common reasons for the dent.
It’s good that you’re getting it checked out as you need to know what it is for your own peace of mind. Your GP may well refer you to the breast clinic as this is normal procedure, so don’t read anything into it if this happens.

Hi midna you are definitely doing the right thing having it checked but it’s likely nothing if it’s been 2 years. Is there any way you can get an appointment earlier than 2 weeks to calm you down a little?

I found a dent yesterday and I’ve just been referred today so they will move pretty quickly then at least you’ll know x