Dent on areola

Hello everyone

So I’ve been dealing with breast cancer scare ever since I could remember(teen)I’m now 30 years old . I always think I have breast cancer on my left breast. I’ve got dent on my areola going on 1 an o’clock to 5 a clock and dull pain that comes and goes on my shoulder blade. I feel like it’s slowly getting worse. I’m currently breastfeeding and now I’ve got some obvious new changes. My areola, seems to be missing like tissue and it seems maybe like scar tissue under. My areola doesn’t look circle anymore because of this, so here I am thinking I’ve got some cancer again .i notice it looks like that when im warm but when I get cold it looks normal​:sob: it just looks mildly deformed compared to the other one.I’ve had multiple ultrasounds in the past and nothing shows up. I’m praying to god it’s because of breastfeeding :tired_face::tired_face: I do have a congenital small inverted nipple so maybe that’s why it’s so jacked up now. But idk … I can’t seem to find any answers on google. Like I’m the only one with this seeing a breast specialist on the 25th of January but meantime im hoping there is someone in here with the same problem :sob: this anxiety is driving me insane.

They’ll probably remove your picture and to be honest it won’t help us anyway. None of us are doctors. However, I do want to chime in and say that breast feeding always changes the breast and some of those changes can be in appearance. You’re right in getting it checked out but there’s nothing you’ve written that rings alarm bells. I will say though that it sounds like you may have some health anxiety and that’s a really horrible thing to have. I have it, too, although counseling and some anti-depressants have helped with it immensely. If you haven’t tried to get treatment for it, I would highly recommend it because the body does change as you age and you don’t want to be always killing yourself off (for lack of a better phrase :slight_smile: every time that occurs. It’s such a debilitating way to live. Many hugs sent your way and I hope your appointment offers you peace of mind.

The docs usually look at both breasts and where the nipples are in relation to each other, and how you look with your hands on your hips. There’s a lot of standing topless and having medics checking for any lumps in your breasts and in the armpit where lymph nodes may be enlarged by cancer .

Whilst I have seen a lot of breasts on line, mine looked a lot worse than your breast, as I got a nasty rash all over from allergic reactions to substances used in dressings and bacterial washes which made me itch all over the area where my left breast had been, and down to my tummy where they took fat and skin to replace it and give me a tummy tuck. So maybe keep the photos for your own albums to refer to in case of other changes in the future. Alternatively get to the doctors and have the relevant tests. Good luck