Dental treatment while on chemo

Hope some one can help just finishing third lot of antibiotics given me by hospital and suffering with terrible tooth ache usualy have abscess so think I have one under tooth which is bringing me down more than chemo . Just had 6 th lot of Friday going to see dentist tomorro but onc said he prob wount do it while im on chemo . Just like to know if any one else has had this as Im not sure I can put up with the pain much longer to put up with chemo is one thing but toothache aswell …
Hospital have checked blood count so I can tell dentist …
Any info helpful good or bad
Thanks Lisa
I know its nothing in what we are going through but its like the final straw …

Hi Lisa

Toothache is the pits at the best of times, isn’t it? Sorry to hear you’re in so much pain with it.

I needed dental treatment whilst on chemo and the hospital told me to go in my ‘good’ week. Dentist went ahead, but wouldn’t give me any injections because of the risk of infections, so it was a bit eye-watering at times.

Will they give you more anti-biotics to keep you going? Apart from that, can only suggest shovelling back max dose of your painkiller of choice.

Hope you’re feeling better soon. I really feel for you.



Sorry to hear about your rotten toothache. I have had treatment whilst on chemo, but my dentist needed a letter from my onc to confirm whether I needed antibiotic cover before treatment (a soluble antibiotic given by dentist an hour before treatment). Was also advised to book appointment for my third week when I was past all the danger zones.

I would imagine that tomorrow your dentist won’t actually do anything other than examine you and take an xray to see what’s going on. However, my suggestion would be to call the dentist today to let them know that you are on chemo incase they need antibiotic confirmation from your onc it can be faxed over & signed now and not hold things up for you.

best of luck

Hi Lisa
I got a raging tooth ache towards the end of chemo, turns out top two wisdoms needed extracting - ouch !!

My dentist would not treat me at the surgery (thank goodness) and onc was very supportive in sorting me out to be seen in “safe” period at same hospital where i was put under and knew nothing about it !!

Bloods were taken etc but all seemed to go OK with procedure, there was a massive mix up and two experiences of being gowned up and ready to be put under only to be told that they didnt have my notes so wouldnt do it !!

I totally felt like it was the final straw too, i hate the dentist with a vengeance so can get where you are coming from…
Good luck, it can be sorted xx

Thanks Ladies onc just phoned with bloods and all seems ok , ive been on antib for few weeeks now so hope they can do something pain unbearable , good to see some thing can be done maybe …
keep advise comin it really helps to know your not alone

I had a wisdom tooth removed halfway through my chemo, was given antibiotic cover and had treatment suspended for 3 weeks. Hope you get your pain sorted soon.

The fact that you have an abscess and the problems that may cause to your health far outweighs doing treatment during chemo. It will all depend on what treatment you need. If you have an abscess because the nerve of the tooth has died, the dentist can drain the abscess and do a root filling. If the abscess is coming from around the tooth and is gum related, the dentist can also drain the abscess. TheIf you need to have the tooth extracted, the main concern will be whether your platelet count is high enough to prevent prolonged bleeding. There is plenty that can be done for someone on chemo. I work in a dental hospital and we see patients who are on anti rejection drugs for organ transplants, chemotherapy and many other serious conditions that can be treated safely. I think the high street dentist is so scared, that they pass the buck. If he is not happy to do it, ask him to refer you to the oral surgery department at your hospital ASAP

Thanks Ladies thanks cathy that really helped had white bloods and neutropil count and hos say they are ok going with all this info to dentist today will let you know , im so scared of them as well cant belive i want it sorted but its the pain …

Iv just started with awful pain in my gum / face it’s all swollen and feels like tooth ache but the tooth hasn’t actually come through it’s a wisdom tooth! It’s horrible like someone sed worse than the side effects of chemo but wondering if this is a side effect ! Can ya have anti biotics from dentist I’m due for next chemo on thurs (a week today ) and can you still start your chemo on time if so ???! ?

I had the same problem when I had chemo. My chemo nurse advised me to have the tooth out before the critical idle of chemo cycle when everything is at its lowest. My dentist was good and he looked at my blood results and said I should be ok. What a relief when it was out. Hope this helps