Dentritic Cell Therapy

So far I know Dendritic Cell Therapy has already been available in Japan for 1-2 years. (probably Germany as well, from the chatting on UK research forum and now, Taiwan. When is the therapy in UK and Canada ?? The below article has been converted from Chinese to English by Google Translate

ps. When I search for Dendritic cells UK, I found below.

When I search for Dendritic Cell in Canada, I found this… year 2024…8-( 8-(


Taichung City, China Medical University attached to the hospital, spending more than 100 million yuan to build the first “cell therapy center” approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan, officially launched on the 18thJune, for the solid cancer stage 4 patients, autoimmune "dendritic cells "Treatment, together with the tumor “co-cultivation”, to further eliminate cancer cells, will bring the gospel to eight kinds of cancer and cancer patients in China.

Cai Changhai, chairman of the China Medical University and Medical System, pointed out that Chinese doctors have been studying cell therapy for more than 10 years and have established a GTP core cell operating room that meets the criteria for human cell therapy clinical trials. There are physicians who have the qualifications for cell therapy prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.30 patients, who meet the admission criteria, from local and abroad

consulted related treatment courses.

According to Zheng Longbin, CEO of the Cell Therapy Center, “dendritic cells” are one type of autoimmune cells with “identification” ability. The patient is separated by blood conduit output and co-cultured with autologous cancer cells to make “dendritic cells.” The vaccine is injected into the patient’s body; it activates the immune system and activates the “T lymphocyte” function to attack and eliminate cancerous tumors to achieve therapeutic effects.

The 36-year-old man surnamed Chen, who camefrom Hong Kong to Taiwan for medical treatment in Taiwan, had a large tumor of 11 cm in the previous year due to hepatectomy. He was treated with chemotherapy and target drugs. He metastasized lung cancer in less than half a year and healed after receiving “dendritic cell” treatment. The hospital said that the current “dendritic cell” treatment needs to be paid by the patient at its own expense, between 1.8 million yuan and 2.55 million yuan.

Autoimmune “dendritic cells” are directed against glioblastoma multiforme, and secondary brain tumors (brain metastases), epithelial ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, head and neck cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, and Eight kinds of solid cancer patients, such as colorectal cancer, and the fourth stage of solid cancer patients received the case and treatment; future stem cell and arthritis and other stem cell treatment plans have been sent to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health, after the approval will benefit more patients.