dents on breast

I don’t really look at my breast but today noticed 2 dents on the side of my breast (the breast operated on 3 years ago) The dents aren’t right near my scar and are more apparent when I raise my arm. I can’t tell whether they were there after surgery (ie before now) I have only this week had a check up, but the doctor didn’t ask me to raise my arms, nor did he look at my breasts straight on,as the surgeon usually does (with arms down,then up) - this was a registrar and not the surgeon who operated. Am wondering whether this is due to surgery.

I have a dent that I noticed after my stitches were out after a partial mastectomy June 4th. I over heard the nurse say wow they took a big chunk of meat out. Don’t worry about it very much but call and talk to your surgeon. A moment of his time will save you lots of worry.