Deodorant and under-arms

I had a DIEP Rx and one node removed on 13 April.  As the weather is starting to improve, I am more conscious of my under-arms!  Have started shaving and using deodorant again on my good side, but don’t know what to do about the affected arm.  Underarm is a little sore and sensitive under the skin on the affected side, so I don’t want to do anything that might upset it.  But would so like to feel fresh again!  BCN told me I cannot shave that side ever again and should use removal cream instead - does anyone have any recommendations?  But she didn’t give me any advice about deodorant, so I would really welcome the advice and experience of others. Can I go back to my regular brand or should I use something different?  Many thanks. x



I thought you just had to use an electric razor not wet shave any more.  I didnt think there was any deodorant you couldnt use once everything is cleared up.  I had full node clearance through mastectomy incision, so can use normal deodorant on mine, as far as I am aware.  I did try all the paraben free ones they recommend, but they are just deodorants not antiperspirants and I found I really stank in no time at all , so went back to my usual ones.


Val x

I wasn’t given any shaving/deodorant info at all post-op so having been shaving (although electric) and deodorising since it was comfortable enough to do so!!

Thanks ladies, that’s really helpful.  I’ll invest in an electric shaver and try some gentle deodorants.

Have you seen the crystal deodorants? You can get them in spray form or just the actual rock crystal. You just run it under the tap and apply underarm. I have used it for years after I read something about aluminium crystals being found in breast tissue. I have frequently asked people if I smell and they said not, so I think it must work. One of the best known is Pit Rok. Supermarkets or Holland and Barrett have it. You can also rub it on stinky feet! ps. I used it all the way thru radiotherapy with no bad effects because it is natural, not manufactured.