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Been on here a while now and dont think I have ever seen a thread for this. I had mastectomy 31 Jan and begin chemo FEC on 29th Feb. Up until now I have been using baby wipes is there any particular dos or donts regarding deodorant.

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I had my mastectomy on Tuesday and since I have only been putting deodorant on one side. I usually use roll on, for the time being I am too scared in case anything goes into my wound.
I take we should use alcohol free deodorants.
Looking forward to hear what anyone else has to say.

A friend of mine was told by the nurse to use nothing but Johnsons baby powder. I wasn’t given any advice. I certainly didn’t use anything in the side I was operated on until my wounds were healed.

In the longer term I think that this is one of those things that nobody really knows about. Some people suggest that we should not use any deodorant with aluminium in but I don’t think there is any hard evidence to say that it is harmful. I have been avoiding it just to be on the safe side and have been buying roll-ons from health food shops that state they contain no aluminium. I used to use Pit Rock which is a natural product until I read (in the Daily Mail) that this contains natural aluminium which may be just as harmful as synthetic!

Interested to see what others do.


I have found I haven’t needed to use deodorant since my WLE and clearance. I just don’t perspire on the affected side and for some reason, despite the flushes, I don’t perspire much on the other side at all. I shower at least once a day and, after all, all a deodorant does is de-odorise so you would sweat anyway.

Sharon x

Hi Sharon

Thinking about it I am like you - I don’t seem to perspire much either. After my chemo my hair didn’t grow back under my arms at all so I think this helps as well.

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I have been using Bionsen solid deodorant which is aluminium free since my op over 5 years ago. People seem to think it is a lot more expensive but it isnt and lasts far longer than spray deodorants. I cannot use anything perfumed anyway so this is perfect for me i bought it at Boots years ago but now the major supermarkets have it.

Pat xx

Hi All

Went into Boot today and bought some Pit Rock reduced from 7 pound something down to 1 pound 58 pence cant get the pound sign to work.


I haven’t used any since SLN biopsy last Weds and am conscious I’m both very wet and, um, smelly, even at rest - I hate it! The thought of an extended spell with no deodorant is horrible!!


Some ladies need to not need deodorant but Im afraid I suffer from smelly pits. I ran the thread to see what others were using. I used Simple wet wipes for a start but you need to use them quite regular.

You can get ‘deodorant wipes’, I don’t know if they contain aluminium? I use roll-ons normally.

Oh I’m worrying about this now! I’ve been using my “Mum” on the good side all the way through and started it on the op side after the wound seemed sealed. I’ve no actual cuts in that area though.

Hi all
Think I mentioned my arm pits somewhere else, don’t know where!
There has been stuff written about a possible link with aluminium in deodorants and bc so for me, now, I’m trying to avoid it.
A friend put me on to ‘Crystal Spring’ from Holland and Barret (sp?). It is a crystal stick that you wet and roll under your arm pits then wash the stick again. It dries quickly and lasts for ages. It’s hypo-allergenic and does NOT contain:
Aluminium chlorhydrate
Alcohol (no point sucking it them ;o) )

You can’t use it on damaged or broken skin.


Oh ladies this will make you laugh.

Just read Lynnietoms post and got to the part about wetting the stick DOH, so that is why it bl**dy hurt so much this morning when I put it on he he I cant believe how stupid I am and havent even started chemo yet.

Keep smiling


I like to read the small print, Karen - good job!!!
May you have pain free pits tomorrow ;o)

Just bumping this up for Camborne