I read a few weeks ago about a deodorant which is paragen and aluminium free and i cant find where the discussion was going on, i know all the usual deodorants you can get but i dont like the smell of any of them. Im sure someone mentioned King of Deo but i may have been dreaming haha!!! Does anyone know of a nice one which has a good smell??

Thanks Allison

Hi Allison

Im using Pit Rock, usually about £7.00 but got mine from special at Boots, no naties in it cant say as it has a particular smell (just had chemo and everything smells really strong) but it is working no smelly pits. Word of advice read the instructions I was trying to put it on without wetting it and nearlly ripped my pits off OUCH. Just proves I was stupid before chemo LOL!!!

Hope this helps



I had heard that deodarants have been known to contribute to certain cancers but on asking my BCN she said that there was no definate research to back this up. Whilst having my treatment I have been using “Bionsen” bought in local supermarket, this is alcohol & aluminium free has quite a nice smell, worked well for a little bit then seemed to get used to it & I felt it was not working as well as it could have done by the end of the day (if you know what I mean) so now using Nivea Energy still no alcohol, colourants & preservatives but does contain aluminium!
Good luck
Helen x

Hi All

I have used bionsen for about a year as it was the only one I could find with no aluminium. Trouble is I think it is useless and I felt really smelly on it! Have searched and searched and now use Pitrock - got if rom Boots £ 3.95 - its a million times better than Bionsen and no aluminium or additives.

Hope this helps

Alise x

Hi Alise, i use a deodorant called Weleda, its made with essential oils you can buy it online or from waitrose, online is cheaper! the rose one is really nice as is the citrus one


Does the weleda keep you dry? Ive tried the others and pit rock has a lovely smell but it doesnt keep me dry and this drives me mad lol.
Karen thanks for the tip , im sorry but the visulisation of this makes me laugh, hope you didnt damage your arms lol.
Allison x

I have been using Lavender and Aloe Vera deodorant from Neals Yard and its lovely it cost £6 but it has lasted me 3 months so far and ive only used half the bottle! and it works although very strangely since starting my chemo 7 months ago ive never suffered from sweaty arm pits, see there are positive side effects!!!

Thanks Annmarie
Where do i get Neals Yard ive never heard of it, im from Scotland and have never seen it up here.

I’ve bought the Weleda from our local chemist. Another site that does chemical free deodorants is

along with organic cosmetics, shampoo, shower gel etc.

Hope this helps, Love Cazxxx

I know that its on the internet, or they have little shops. but i dont know where they are? My nearest one is Leamington spa, bit far for you isnt it?

I don’t think any deodorants will keep you dry as that is what anti-perspirant does by blocking the pores isn’t it? Deodorant simply masks the odour but Pit Rock is from a natural crystal product which is supposed to neutralise the bacteria that causes the odour. It comes in a crystal stick or a liquid spray scented or unscented I think