Dermal fillers before chemo?

Hi guys - I know this is a bit of a trivial question in the light of things but I just wanted to check whether anyone had any experience of this ? I want to have my lip fillers topped up before I start chemo in just under 3 weeks. Trying to make myself feel a bit better for when I lose my hair! been told by a couple of drs that it’s ok (including oncologist) but I’m nervous all the same! Anyone else done this before or know anyone that has?

Hi Northern181

Sorry you haven’t had any replies to your question as yet, but hopefully someone will now see it and get back to you.  As well as our helpline team being available, you might also like to try our general live chat service which runs each Thursday evening between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.  The session is run by a nurse and hosted by a moderator so there’s always someone to talk to.  I’ll put you the link below so you can have a look and see if you might like to join in.

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Jo, Moderator

Hi there! Well this must be fate helping as I have just joined tonight, awake with palpitations and was searching for advice.
Anyway, saw your post, feel I can help as I am an aesthetic nurse prescriber . I would not recommend having fillers done just before starting treatment, your practitioner should run a mile if you suggest it. As it won’t be covered by their insurance. If you developed complications the insurance company would blame the chemo. Your body is about to go through some pretty big changes, but hold on to the fact that once it’s over there should be no reason not to return to having it done, as I will!! Please let me know if you want any further advice, love to help as unable to work due to chemo side effects and my brain is mush. Good luck xx Step

Hey - thanks so much for your reply. My oncologist has ok’ed it provided it’s 7 days before chemo starts but I still feel a bit anxious :-/ I don’t know whether it’s just how I am at the moment or what!