Desperate for advice please?

Hi.  Following a mx last December I now have an expander which is really uncomfortable and I wonder if it is because it is under my muscle?  Does anyone know if it’s possible to have an implant put in over the muscle (and the expander taken out!) or does that mean it will move around?  It makes me feel nauseous every time I need to tense my muscle.  Thank you.

Hi Jen

I had a mx and at the same time had an implant put in on top of the muscle. I’m not good with medical things/biology, but it was put in a sort of sling/bag thing called Braxon, that holds it and the sling eventually knits into your own muscles (I believe). I’m pleased with mine, I can exercise and move and I can’t tell I have an implant. It doesn’t match my real one, but under clothes you can’t tell. I’m happy to answer any more questions.

Evie xx

Prayers. x