desperate housewife seeking advice and reassurance

newby here, have had breast pain in r breast for a few weeks has now got severe enough to mean that i can no longer wear a bra, then noticed a swelling as the breast meets my armpit, bit tender but when i wear a bra the pain shoots through my breast. am i being neurotic or should i be worried?

I think you need to go to your doctors and get referred to a breast clinic. It is obviously a symptom of something wrong. Most breast problems turn out to be benign but whatever the result it’s better to find out.

Breast cancer can be painful but usually isn’t. But if you are worried, you are worried and that is that. Tests can confirm it one way or the other.

I had breast cancer five years ago and I went to the doctors with a painless lump even though I wasn’t worried, so it’s worth treating any breast symptom seriously.


hi there i have had pain in breast but couldnt feel lumps. consultant felt lumps but were benign. pain is there for a reason so get it checked out i say. good luck!

Hi loulou7,

You must as mole says go to the doctor to get referred to the breast clinic.
You have to get it checked, for your own peace of mind.

My breast was really painfull, I could feel a mass, it turned out to be DCIS which is changes in the cells within the milk ducts.

Please get it checked, and let us know how you get on.


thanks for all you comments going to get an appointment for next week i will let you know how it goes, cheers x

I am in exactly the same position as you went to my doctor anf now waiting for an appoinment at clinic. Its reassuring to read your posts but I’m still so scared as I’m sure you are too!

i feel so bad for you its been reassuring that i’m not alone, but also scary as most people with similar problem have been referred really want to hear them say its nothing. going to call in morn hopefully i won’t have to wait long to see someone

debs please keep me posted on how it goes i hope its something that can easily be sorted

got appointment fri aft wish me luck x

Good luck for Friday! I have an appt on 24th Feb. Just keep getting really tearful and imagining the worst! I am away next week but will look to see if you post on Friday night if not will look when I return. x

saw nurse and she conferred with doc got to try anti-inflam for 1 week then go back for possible referal, have now convinced myself that something serious is wrong, but want to give the tabs the chance. thanks for talking its def helping. hope you manage to put it to the back of your head and enjoy your time away. good luck on the 24th i will keep an eye out so please let me know how it goes. thanks again x

hope the anti-inflammatories work and its nothing more serious, sounds hopeful, but I know what you mean about that itmust be something more serious. Will try to have a break and let my husband not worry for a while too. will be in touch when I get back take care Debs x

I just wanted to wish you luck and hope the anti inflamitories(sp?) work for you. I’m awaiting an appointment for the breast clinic for two lumps I’ve recently found, the waiting apparently is the hardest part. Let us know how you get on xxx

thanks for the support, hope you won’t have to wait too long. keep me posted and good luck

hi loulou, I’m back! How have the anti-inflammatries been going? I have my app at the clinic on Tues, boob is more painful now so am getting more worried! let me know how you are, Debs

hi hope you had a nice time, good luck for tues. going back to docs tom morn, pain has got a lot worse and tabs making my asthma bad, but still trying to be optomistic. let me know how you get on tues, i’ll have everything crossed for ya x

Hi, don’t think I’m going to sleep well tonight, so worried go from thinking it will be ok to the worst imaginable!! Everyone at work reassuring, husband is just as worried as me but is trying not to be! My pain has got worse too! Think I just want to get it over with now, will let you know, thanx for chatting! x

good luck girls - thinking about you…mary x

thanx kittencat! will let you all know! x

Debs - fingers crossed it all goes well for you today… Hugs

Loulou - Hope you are seeing the doctor today… I was diagnosed last May. At first my breast just turned pink and my GP suggested an infection and prescribed me some antibiotics… But it just got worse over the week and more sore… If they do try and fob you off today please go back and insist that they refer you - hopefully it might just be a cyst - but even then it needs draining… Hugs