Desperately need some support

Hi, I have just joined the forum and just need to talk. I have recently been getting intermittant stabbing pains in one area of my left breast (I am 55 and still going through the menopause) and some tenderness in the same place…I already suffer from health anxiety after watching my mum pass away last year, and have managed to get myself in a total state of panic over this…I know you shouldnt worry to this extent until you have been diagnosed, but I am imagining all sorts of horrors! I do not have anyone else to talk to and need someone to calm me down.


Thank you so much for listening



Hi Delia,sorry you are feeling so anxious,it’s really easy to let you mind run away with itself ,once you get a thought in your mind it’s hard to shake it.I have spoken to lots of ladies over the last 12 months on the forum who have had worrying symptoms and the vast majority have found after further investigation that it was nothing sinister.Get your self to GP,they may well refer you to breast clinic ,but please don’t think that’s because they think it’s something to worry about ,its just because they really can’t tell a lot of the time by examining you what is going on inside and they play safe obviously .Let us know how you get on .Jill.

Sorry,got your name wrong Della.