Destended Stomach and dehydration

I was diagnosed with secondairies 2 weeks ago (liver,lung and bone) and so far had 1 chemo I am really really struggling with a destended stomach due to my live and need some advice can I ease it myself? Doc said chemo should kick in in 4 weeks or so but am so uncomfortable, I called the hospital tonight and a doc is coming to see me tomorrow about possibly getting it drained, has anyone had this if so whats it like and how long does it last???

I am suffering really bad dehydration not helped by a urine infection so been on antibiotics all week but waking at night loads really dry. I am week one into this 17 week chemo and honestly cant see me managing to complete it. I have 2 girls age7 and 4 who keep asking when mum will be better.

When will my energy levels return so I can at least take my kids to school.


Hi Jill,
Sorry I cant help with your questions but thought I would reply to get it onto the latest post so hopefully then someone will come along who can help you…
Take care

Hi Jill
Sorry I can’t help either but hoping that you get more comfortable soon and that the doctor can help in some way today.
Nicky x

Hello, draining abdominal fluid build up is quite a simple procedure and will give instant results/relief. I have never had it done but used to nurse patients who had it, albeit this was quite a few years ago now , ;I believe a needle similar to a cannula is inserted and the fluid drains down into a bag.
Hope you feel better soon. xx