deuterium depleted water

Has anyone used or considered taking deuterium depleted water? A friend of mine who has BC for 3 years recommended it to us. It is used in Hungary to complement chemo. We are ( my mother has got breast cancer ) tempted to give them a try and wondered about anyone else heard about them.

Hi Kora, I have not heard of this but was intrigued because I have a background in radiological stuff, which is where this product originates from. I had a look and there is some small scale evidence in Eastern Europe that some people do seem to fair a little better if they drink this ‘light water’ as it is also known, but nothing substantive, and to be honest I cannot see any clear scientific basis why reducing the tiny amount of D2O in water still further (a very expensive process) would impact the efficacy of chemotherapy. At the same time, drinking more water - even the plain old tap stuff - during treatment is defintiely beneficial as it flushes through the drugs and keep the perosn hydrated, so I don’t think it would do any harm. Having looked at the price of bottle of deuterium depleted water, itis a vety pexensive route to go down for what may be very little benefit.

Only you can decide what to do, but as with any complimentary products please speak to your Mum’s oncologist before doing so.

You can buy deuterium depleted water and find out more information about it on:

Thanks , but this Qlarivia is not what we want! It seems to be very unprofessional! We are greatfull for our Hungarian friend offer, and to use a real DDW for tumor.

Hi Kora!
I have just read your post about deuterium depleted water.
I want to tell you my opinions, with the this special water. During the last years i have used Deuterium Depleted Water , as a supportive therapy to fight back cancer. I have had breast cancer, and i wanted to go on the natural way to help my body to get out of tumor cells. With long administration of this water , along side with healthy diet and conventional treatment, i can say i am tumor free now, but even i am on remission i do have a short (2-3 months ) cure every year.
I dont know how have you decided since about DDW, but it is never too late to start with. I wish you a success, how i had.
Otherwise, you can google it and read a lots of useful information about deuterium depletion and deuterium depleted water.
Best wishes!