Have found out today after special test on area removed that my DCIS was invasive after all by 2.5mm now have been told I may have to undergo chemo but won’t know really until I see the oncologist next week I’ve been so positive throughout but to find out this today has taken the wind right out of my sails to say I’m devastated is an understatement how can I find a reserve to get me through till next week at least? I’m back on the blasted bench Again!!! I’m so upset and thinking what’s the point about being positive should have insisted on a mx right at the beginning I don’t want to go through all this to find out in 12 months it’s back and I’ve got to have one anyway could I still do that? I don’t know ask my bc nurse perhaps but I know they would try to dissuade me and tell me that they’ve caught it early and I know there are many many women out there that are worse off than me but it doesn’t help I don’t know what to feel anymore so so unhappy and angry again thank you for listening girls have felt better :frowning:

Hi Loobyb - Similar thing happened to me. I had mx cos of position of tumour (behind nipple) and they thought I wouldn’t need chemo. But they found a micromet (the smallest amount possible!) in the first node so the recommendation was chemo & rads so that was more devastating news. Oncologist said think of it like a belt and braces job, extra insurance. But got through it with a lot of support from family, friends and this website.
You still may not need further treatment - I’m sure oncologist will discuss all options with you.
Good luck

Thank you Katieb consultant did say it was micro invasion into the tissue surrounding the area removed the margins were good the nodes were clear tho thank god for the pathologist that insisted on doing the test just to make sure just wasn’t expecting to be told I may need chemo was hoping to get back to work fairly soon after rads part time for a while until fit enough to return full time before my wages are cut in half my OH is currently out of work so we are managing on my wages alone so money may soon become a problem let’s hope it doesn’t come to that thanks for your reply stay strong!!

I had the same as Katie - just ONE tiny micromet in the sentinel node - and was advised to have chemo, not having been expecting it,which came as a huge, terrible shock.
I was very, very reluctant to do it, and it was horrible, but now I’m out the other side (I had my last dose of FEC 6 weeks ago) I’m very glad that I did do it.
It adds a small, but significant amount to your probability of remaining cancer-free, and it means that you know you’ve thrown everything you can at the cancer to stop it coming back.
Best of luck xxx

My nodes were clear assuming it’s a good sign what’s the likelihood of chemo? I dont know guess Thursday can’t come soon enough thanks ladies ))

Hi Loobyb

It depends on the grade of you tumour, and whether or not it was HER2 positive or triple negative. Grade 3 usually requires chemo, as does triple negative as there is no alternative treatment. HER2 also needs chemo as Herceptin is uaually given alongside it. However, if your tumour was Grade 1 or 2, and was alos Hormone sensitive, you might not need chemo. Make sure you ask at your appointment for the grade and whether it is sensitive to hormones. They should tell you anyway. Good luck

Poemsgalore xx

Hi Loobyb

I had an invasive grade3, no node involvement, no LVI, clear margins, ER/PR 5/8 and HER2-

I was told that I was borderline for chemo and it was my decision whether or not to take it. After a lot of sole searching, tears, heavy breathering and listening to the advise from the amazing ladies on here, I decided to take it. the chemo doc that I was speaking to said that it was the best decision I could have made and it was the right one as far as she was concerned.

I have to dig deep and find something within yourself to make the right decision…I am scared (very scared), to the point I’ve almost turned OCD lol, but I start my first cycle on Wednesday and I’m going to do it!

Good luck with your decision,
Martha xxx

Hi, I was upgraded!!! to G 3 post w/e and am meeting oncologist in couple of weeks. Surgeon had said probs just radiclear leaf margin and nodes also clear so guess I too will be borderline. I’m self employed so keen to get back to work and also very worried about chemo and effects on family etc. I had questioned before excision if mastectomy would be better and frankly was treated like a heretic by egotistical staff ‘we wouldn’t have advised this treatment if we did not think it was best option’ despite being told loads to ask questions. I sense the same will happen with the oncologist as for them it’s no loss and lets face it it is their job. Do you still think this was the right choice for you and was there any real sope for doing anything else? I think I will go for it as it would be awful to think you had missed a trick if it I’d one back but want to be convinced it is the right decision…

Hi Loobyb,
sorry to here your news. I am TN so had no option on the chemo. Whilst its not the easiest thing to go through, it is doable. I start number 5 on Monday and it has gone quickly. You will get great support from the groups on here, I would be lost without my awesome April angels, there is a group for each month people start chemo, they and your family friends will get you through this.
goodluck xxx